Joi Converse

New NWEA Brand - Our look has changed. Our mission remains.

Blog Post created by Joi Converse on Jun 8, 2017

In 1977, a group of educators championed the first adaptive assessment and founded NWEA with the mission: Partnering to help all kids learn. 40 years later, we are excited to unveil a vibrant new expression of our story.


Our look is new, but our mission remains – we live it, breathe it, and invest in it.


The new NWEA brand is inspired by you, our partners. Students are at the heart of NWEA – with our brand, we celebrate their curiosity, potential, and passion. This new way of telling our shared story has debuted on, alongside an intuitive new site design that makes it easier to find the support and resources you need.

What is changing?
The first thing you may notice is our new logo. We prefer to call the color “school bus yellow,” in homage to our roots in education. In addition to a new visual identity, we’re making some shifts in how we present ourselves and our assessment products.


We are now going to be called simply “NWEA.” Many of you knew us way back when we started as “Northwest Evaluation Association.” Since then we’ve grown to partner with educators in all 50 states and 140 countries worldwide. And while we initially started as an association of educators, we are a not-for-profit that chooses to fund initiatives that support ALL children rather than shareholders.


MAP is expanding to meet a range of educator needs. The MAP you know will now be MAP Growth, and MAP for Primary Grades (MPG) will be called MAP Growth K-2. Skills Navigator will now be MAP Skills, and we’ll add to this family of products with new offerings as we go forward.


You will begin to see these name changes within our products with our July release.


We have also launched NWEA State Solutions featuring multiple measures for proficiency, growth, and non-academic factors.


We believe that our new brand reflects our heritage and the amazing stories at the heart of our mission. Please refer to the Rebranding FAQ for more details.