Joi Converse

What are some of your back to school memories?

Blog Post created by Joi Converse on Aug 17, 2017

Around this time of year I get nostalgic for those back to school days when you could feel the temperature getting a little cooler and the leaves start to slowly change. The stress level of parents may increase because of all the preparation that is needed, but at the same time their excitement is palatable and contagious. For me, back to school time was mostly about the clothes and school supply shopping. I was raised in a large family, and it was the one time a year we could splurge a bit to restock our supplies. Being from small town Alaska, this also meant we spent a whole day in the big city and got to experience the wonders of a buffet for lunch. It was a treat!


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What are some of your back to school memories?

How do you plan to transition yourself and students back into a school-focused routine?


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