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Lessons in "life ready"

Blog Post created by Jennifer Anderson on Nov 14, 2018

As told by 2018 State Teachers of the Year


In this blog, the third in the series featuring conversations with 2018 State Teachers of the Year, we discussed whether teaching life skills had a place in the classroom. Teachers of the Year were asked to respond to this question:


Do you believe preparing students to be “life ready” is part of your teaching practice or responsibility?
100% of the teachers fervently said, "YES!"


Then we challenged with a second question, to think about what that looked like for today’s students:

Beyond academic subjects, what other skills will students need to be ready for life? And what needs to shift in K-12 to better prepare students for being life ready?

These info-graphics capture their thoughts.


Download info-graphic: Life-Readiness is More Than Academics 


Download info-graphic: Prepare Students for Being Life Ready 


What do you think is fundamentally key for our kids to be life ready in today’s world? And how does the school system, and you, the teacher, fit in to that? We would love to hear from you in the comments section!