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Even more teacher entries from our inspiring teacher contest!

Blog Post created by Jaime Vazquez on May 28, 2019

Update: You can check out all of the contest winners on Teach.Learn.Grow and other entrants here.



This week, we’re going to continue featuring entrants to our recent contest for teachers who inspire their kids to grow. So many teachers are coming up with new ways to keep their students engaged with MAP Growth, we want to honor all of them. Here are this week’s teachers!


  • Kim Kellum, a Secondary Teacher at Bethany Christian School, share this with us: “We are using our profits from the snack program to buy movie passes for Junior High students who score at least two points above the winter test score in all subjects. For High School, we told them if they score where they should be for their grade level in each subject, they would also get a movie pass!”  

  • Amy Stark from Warner Christian Academy wrote: “I try to keep my students motivated with their MAP success by having them fill out a Goal Score Sheet after each test.  By doing this, it gives the students a visual of where they are and helps to motivate them to where they want to be on the next test. I teach them how to compare their score to the Goal Score and that they want to see an increase in points by about 3-4 on each of the test’s overall scores for Fall, Winter, and Spring.

  • Mary Karbowski from the Diocese of St. Petersburg – Holy Family Catholic School told us, “I inspire my students to connect with MAP Growth testing by putting up our Data Tree in the hallway and encouraging the children to try and get higher up in the tree. As we added Winter and Spring data, we changed our leaves to nests and put different colored owls in the nests to represent the different data from winter and spring. Many of the children were so excited and wanted to see more owls higher up in the tree for each of the tests. Growth was phenomenal!


See you next week with more inspiring teachers!