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More Entries from Our Inspiring Teachers Contest!

Blog Post created by Jaime Vazquez on Jun 11, 2019

Update: You can check out all of the contest winners on Teach.Learn.Grow and other entrants here.


Hello again!


We’re back with more entrants from our recent contest for teachers who keep their kids excited and engaged with their academic growth! Here are this week’s teachers.



  • Jackie Cruz Chabad at Esformes Hebrew Academy wrote:My method of preparing and getting my students ready and excited for MAP Growth Testing starts with an ongoing reminder of how smart and special they all are! I'm always reciting Patricia Polacco's words: 'Every child has a gift. Some are ready to open their gift before others, and that's okay.' Having each student know they have the potential to learn is very important. How much and how far is up to them. 

    The students are exposed to ongoing assessments throughout the year. They are aware of their weak and strong areas. I keep them informed of their progress and provide time to assist in improving areas where needed. As a result, when MAPs Testing begins, they’re excited, rather than nervous.

    Why excited, you ask? Well, To help remind us where we are with our MAPs Growth, we have a plant with flowers in which we keep our scores throughout the year. Each student focus on their flower: it grows as they progress. And as the year progresses, the student's learning progresses, and the plant is a visual reminder of the work they put forth during the year. They look forward to seeing their flower move up towards the sun."


  • Mellichamp Elementary School told us about Audrey Bonnette: "Ms. Bonnette, who is our Teacher of the Year, is the biggest motivator of scholars on our campus. She ensures each child is aware of the individual MAP goals, gives them a pep talk and celebrates the scholars’ growth. Ms. Bonnette had the highest growth in her classroom with 90% of her scholars meeting their goals.

  • An educator at Varennes Elementary in Anderson District nominated CourtneyDickerson--whom you might recognize as the MAP Testing Fairy. They wrote: "I had the privilege of having the opportunity to witness the MAP testing fairy in person. Specifically, I was able to witness a special day in her classroom she called 'signing day.'

    On this day each student dressed in their best clothes and anxiously awaited their turn at the signing table. Ms. Dickerson made a special table where each student would sit next to her and discuss their scores and their goals. Then, each student signed their 'letter of intent.' As they signed their letters of intent, I acted as the 'press' and took each student’s photo at the table with Ms. Dickerson. After signing day was over, Ms. Dickerson printed the photos for them to take home, and wrote them each a special personalized note of encouragement. Ms. Dickerson found yet another way to meet the needs of her students and get them excited for testing!


See you next week with even more teachers!