Jaime Vazquez

How do YOU talk to families about MAP data?

Blog Post created by Jaime Vazquez on Aug 26, 2019

Family-teacher conferences are the perfect time to team up with families in support of your students! Whether you're discussing how to help them toward their growth goals, or celebrating how much they've grown, it's an opportunity to use data to reinforce how you support each student. 


As you may have heard, there's a brand-new MAP report designed specifically to help guide those conversations: the Family Report. It's a one-page report that both summarizes the student's results and puts them in context—so parents can see both how their student is doing and how you're using MAP data to inform your instruction with that student. 


As we celebrate the launch of the Family Report, we want to hear from YOU! What data do you bring to family conferences? How do you engage them in conversations about growth? What have the responses been like? 


Share your best stories, advice, and insights in the comments!


And if you're new to MAP, and you're looking for additional resources for conferences, here are a few must-read resources.