Jaime Vazquez

It's fall again, what reports should I start with?

Blog Post created by Jaime Vazquez on Sep 3, 2019

Coming back from summer isn’t just tough on studentsteachers have to make the transition back to the classroom too, and that means remembering a lot of details about everything from student allergies to class schedules to the curriculum. In other words, if you’re getting back to class now and you haven’t thought a whole lot about MAP Growth reports, that’s totally understandable. There's a lot going on! Here’s a quick guide to a few reports you can use to get started to re-engage with data and get some insights you can put to use right away.


You can start by getting a sense of how your students did as a group using the class report. This is a good one because it answers several important questions:

  • How did my kids do? In the class report, you can consider their performance from multiple perspectives, and in comparison to national norms. Start with the “Overall Performance” row to see your class’s distribution. 

  • What areas can we focus on for growth? In what areas are we seeing success that we can foster? The Class Report reflects performance in specific goal areas, so you can see where you might need to focus instruction, and you can also see where your current efforts are having the biggest positive impact. 


Once you’ve had a chance to consider all that the class report is showing you, try out the Student Profile Report to see how each child performed, or check out the Learning Continuum to see how you can use your MAP Growth scores to understand what each student is ready to learn next. 


When you're ready to think about your MAP Growth data in terms of the bigger picture of the rest of the schoolyear, check out this post from 2016 Virginia State Teacher of the Year Natalie DiFusco-Funk that gives great advice on which reports to check in with throughout the year.


What reports do you use at the beginning of the schoolyear to reconnect with student data? Share your best advice in the comments. And here's to another great schoolyear!