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One of the consistent themes across the community is how much teachers are willing to support one another when it comes to getting the most out of MAP results. Whether it's through mentoring relationships, supporting MAP efforts in the classroom, or simply by sharing successes and challenges here on Community, we've seen the powerful things that happen when educators support one another. 


How does it work in YOUR school district?

Who was the first person to help you engage with MAP data, and what made the biggest difference? 


Share your best advice, ideas, and stories in the comments below!

If you use MAP Reading Fluency, you've got access to a tool for tracking the growth of your English Oral Reading students: progress monitoring tests



Progress monitoring tests are quick, 5-10 minute tests where students are asked to read short passages out loud and answer questions about them. They're ideal for getting a snapshot of how their reading skills are progressing, and scores appear on reports like the Student Report and the Class Matrix.



If you're already using progress monitoring tests, what are you finding? Share your experiences in the comments!