Jaime Vazquez

How do YOU celebrate winter growth?

Blog Post created by Jaime Vazquez on Dec 19, 2019

Winter testing is the perfect time to use MAP Growth (and other assessments from the MAP Suite) to check in on how students are doing—and determine if they're on track to meet their goals, as well as potential next steps to help them course-correct or aim even higher than they expected. In fact, for many teachers, winter testing is the most important testing session, because it provides both current and projected data at a point where there's still time to take action. 


But there's also one thing that's just as important as checking in on growth in the winter—and that's celebrating growth in the winter! Whether you're recognizing students for their progress toward growth targets, or sharing data with families about how much their child has grown, it's important to take the time to honor and celebrate the hard work kids are doing. 


So we want to hear from you: How do YOU celebrate winter growth in your classroom? How do you recognize student progress, and let your kids know that you're proud of their growth so far? Share your favorite habits, techniques, and stories—and get inspiration from other teachers like you who share their own ideas in the comments below!