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Hello everyone! 


Here's a quick update on our contest to celebrate teachers who go the extra mile to get their kids excited about academic growth.


Submissions Are Coming In! Keep 'Em Coming!

We continue to receive nominations from all over, and it's amazing to see and hear about the teachers who are committed to helping their students grow. Every entry has been unique and shown innovative ways to get kids to take an active role in working toward their growth goals. It may be a cliché at this point to tell a teacher that the work they do is inspiring, but with the submissions we've gotten, there really is no better way to put it.  


With that said: the month isn't over yet! We're still accepting submissions through the end of April 2019. If a teacher you know works with their students to get them connected with their own academic growth, submit them through the link above. We want to hear your stories—and don't forget that we're choosing three winners! 


A Few Excerpts

We don't want to spoil the surprises for the winners, but here are a few of the things that you've said with your submissions: 


  • "We titled this celebration 'Meeting Our Goals is so Sweet.' The students could earn special toppings on their ice cream based on their achievement on their spring MAP growth test. [They] were so motivated by this and had such amazing growth this year."
  • "Each student has a Data Binder where they graph percentiles from the first time they took the test to the most current. Percentiles are posted at each testing and screening session—[anonymously] on our class data wall."
  • "This spring, the challenge is to raise their scores for a carry-in, fun food day for each class. Students’ scores continue to rise and meet the challenges…especially when food is involved."


More Soon!

If you haven't completed a nomination yet, now's the time! Winners will be announced during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Recently, we wrote about the MAP Testing Fairy, and how fourth-grade teacher Courtney Dickerson created a program that got her kids so excited about their own academic growth that they started a letter-writing campaign. Other teachers are coming up with their own unique ways to get kids connected with their own growth, too  from special decorations to popcorn parties, powerful things are happening!


So we’re asking: How do you or your colleagues get your students excited about academic growth?


We want to hear your stories: whether it's a pep talk you give your students prior to taking a MAP Growth test, a game a colleague has created to help students manage their progress toward goals, or even your own version of the MAP Testing Fairy, it's all fair game!


Throughout the month of April, we’re accepting teacher nominations then at the start of May, we’ll announce three lucky winners to kick off Teacher Appreciation Week! (We appreciate teachers all year, but we're excited for Teacher Appreciation Week nonetheless.) Three winning teachers will receive $250 each, and we’ll be featuring submitted entries here in the community blog throughout April.


To tell us about your efforts, or to nominate a colleague, send an email to or add a comment below, and be sure to include:


  • The name of your district and school
  • The name of the teacher you’re nominating (Remember: it’s OK to nominate yourself!)
  • A brief description of how they inspire their students to connect with MAP Growth testing, as well as examples of how and why they were so successful. Feel free to include pictures, too!
  • How you prefer to be contacted


For full contest details, you can read the fine print here. 


We're excited to hear from even more teachers about the difference it makes when kids get excited about growth. Check back here in the NWEA community blog for updates throughout the month of April!