• QUEST: New Member Onboarding

    Welcome to NWEA Connection! We have created this quest to help you learn more about this community and how to navigate it.   Your first question may be, "What is a quest?".  Quests are created to encourag...
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  • Five Myths of Personalized Learning

    Modern classrooms are teeming with students of varying interests, backgrounds, abilities, and learning needs. To engage these students, learning must be every bit as diverse. But what do people mean, exactly, when the...
    Lisa Fisher
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  • Back to School-Could These Resources Help?

    Everywhere I look, there are signs that it is back-to-school time. Summer break certainly seemed short this year, but I don't think that teachers ever really take a break. They always seem to be either prepa...
    Virginia Williams
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  • Teaching Students to Read Their MAP Results

    As teachers, we understand the importance of assessments. They give us valuable insight into what students know and guide decision-making about the next instructional steps. Unfortunately, assessments, however well-in...
    Tod Johnston
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  • Introducing Students and Parents to Growth Mindset

    Assessment data is all about growth, not results. How can we introduce students to the importance of cultivating and celebrating growth mindset, and just as importantly, how do we communicate this to parents? Read the...
    Kailey Rhodes
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  • Setting Growth Goals with Early Elementary Students

    Our team has really been digging in on student ownership and having students identify their strengths and growth areas and we firmly believe that MAP is a great way for our kids to be able to do just that. We are acti...
    Brett Abbotts
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  • Resources for Student Goal Setting

    Around this time of year you may find yourself having goal conversations with your students. If you don't mind sharing with other community members; What tools and resources do you use to prepare for these s...
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  • 2019-2020 test fees

    I need guidance on paying for the 2019-2020 test fees Who is to be contacted? I am testing double the number of students I tested last year, does this require any change? Is this an important piece of information to...
    Heba Khalifa
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  • Conducting Student Data Conferences

    You’ve carefully collected and recorded large amounts of student assessment data for your classroom, from MAP® assessments to anecdotal observations, but what’s the best way to get this information in...
    Lisa Fisher
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  • Rapid Guessing is questionable

    We are excited for the new student engagement Rapid Guessing "slow down sloth" support.  We have seen this occur now during some of our testing sessions and it has helped us to remind students to slow down. ...
    Lori Butler
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  • Tip of the Week: New proctor videos!

    Our Partner Support team has been busy creating short and simple video tutorials to help those that are new to proctoring a MAP Growth test session. From how to locate a saved test session to explaining what actions a...
    Danielle Kerns
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  • Tip of the Week: End of season checklist!

    Now that another testing season has wrapped up, it's time to cross the t's and dot the i's to make sure your winter testing season is complete.    Check for suspended and not tested students.  Student...
    Danielle Kerns
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  • How do you celebrate your students MAP Growth?

    It's been great to see teachers and principals sharing on social channels how they are celebrating their students meeting their MAP Growth goals. The ideas include data walls but also other options. How do you ce...
  • Gamify the assessment

    Just a suggestion, why not make the assessment more appealing to students by giving immediate feedback or a running score while they are taking the assessment?
    Mollie Freidhof
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  • New Partner Tip: School Proctor vs. District Proctor

    Many partners ask, “what is the difference between the School Proctor and District Proctor roles?" Aside from being able to monitor a student while they are testing the two roles were created from the need ...
    Amanda Johnson
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  • The Power of Positivity

    As told by 2018 State Teachers of the Year   “Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.” – Mary Lou Retton“In order to carry ...
    Jennifer Anderson
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  • Schools and Families Together; A Powerful Partnership in Learning

    As told by 2018 State Teachers of the Year   Some of the most rewarding work I get to do in my role at NWEA is to elevate the voice of teachers. It’s a super power. And one that needs to be heard. In ...
    Jennifer Anderson
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  • The 3 Rs of Summer? Please…How About 10?!

      Ahhh…summer: the most beautiful word in the English language to students and teachers alike. But what good is summer if you either squander it with too much down time, or are so frazzled by activities t...
    Dale Basye
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  • Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: 5 Latina Women Who Inspire Us

    Below are five Hispanic women who have changed history; to help students learn about each of them, explore their stories together. Discuss how their achievements have changed our lives, and for each historical figure,...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • Why NWEA Invalidates MAP Growth Tests for Rapid Guessing

    If you have been busy with MAP Growth testing this fall, you have seen that more student assessments are being invalidated this year than in prior years. You may be wondering why that’s the case.&...
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