• giving teachers access

    How do I put my teachers in the system?
    Valerie Green
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  • How do you schedule MAP testing on a 4x4 block schedule?

    Because of the changes this year, our division has our high schools on a 4x4 semester block schedule. After discussing with my account manager, it sounds like the easiest thing to do is to test everyone in t...
    Sarah Robertson
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  • After updating my password, I am getting a message that says "user name and password don't match"

    Maryanne Demetros
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  • QUEST: New Member Onboarding

    Welcome to NWEA Connection! We have created this quest to help you learn more about this community and how to navigate it.   Your first question may be, "What is a quest?".  Quests are created to encourag...
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  • Test URL and Google Meet

    I understand that we should use the test URL (test.mapnwea.org) when administering the test remotely.  Can a Google Meet be open while the student is using the test URL?
    Rebecca Gribble
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  • Number of Students Tested at a Time & Chat Feature

    How many students can be tested at a time by one proctor remotely? And in-person? Is there a chat feature built in to the MAP Growth test for students to communicate with the proctor to use in place of Zoom or Meet? ...
    Holly Killough
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  • Webinar Email Notifications?

    How can I sign up to receive upcoming webinar notifications via email?
    Tara Vigil
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  • Students without reporting attributes

    Hi, our admissions department administered a screener test. However we weren't able to record the final score, where can we retrieve that? When we try to generate the report it says the student is missing reporting at...
    Angel Buenaventura
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  • A Teacher’s Guide to MAP Growth Reports

    Over the years, many teachers have asked questions like, “Which MAP Growth report should I start with?”, or “Which MAP Growth report is the most effective?” or even, “What order should I ...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • A Teacher’s Guide for Family Conferences

    Fall has flown by—and if your students have completed their fall MAP Growth testing, it’s the perfect time to get ready to use data for family conferences. If you’ve got a lot of data, but not a lot ...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • A Teacher's Guide to Getting the Most Out of MAP Growth in the Summer

    Summer’s here, and while kids loving have a break from school, it can be a challenge to keep them engaged with learning all the way through the fall. In fact, one of the questions that comes up regularly here in...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • Teaching Students to Read Their MAP Results

    As teachers, we understand the importance of assessments. They give us valuable insight into what students know and guide decision-making about the next instructional steps. Unfortunately, assessments, however well-in...
    Tod Johnston
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  • Resources for Student Goal Setting

    Around this time of year you may find yourself having goal conversations with your students. If you don't mind sharing with other community members; What tools and resources do you use to prepare for these s...
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  • 3 Questions to Ask Students in the Fall to Help Them Get the Most Out of MAP

    Assessments can be a tough thing for kids to connect with—it’s one thing to comb through the data and make powerful realizations about how they’re growing, and it’s a completely different thing...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • It's fall again, what reports should I start with?

    Coming back from summer isn’t just tough on students—teachers have to make the transition back to the classroom too, and that means remembering a lot of details about everything from student allergies to c...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • Using MAP data with students

    Open video

    Jess Sanders
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  • Introducing Students and Parents to Growth Mindset

    Assessment data is all about growth, not results. How can we introduce students to the importance of cultivating and celebrating growth mindset, and just as importantly, how do we communicate this to parents? Read the...
    Kailey Rhodes
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  • Flexible Grouping - Individual Classroom

    Open video

    Allison Parker
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  • Using Data to Create Small Reading Groups

    As educators, we constantly hear how important data collection is, but are often not given the tools for what to do with data. We need to change that! In this post, I’m tackling how data can be used to design sm...
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  • What resources do you use to prepare for the new school year?

    "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." - Sydney J. Harris It's back to school time around the country! Let your fellow community members know what you use to prepare for the new school year.
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