• QUEST: New Member Onboarding

    Welcome to NWEA Connection! We have created this quest to help you learn more about this community and how to navigate it.   Your first question may be, "What is a quest?".  Quests are created to encourag...
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  • Participate in Content and Discussions

    Comment on content or join a discussion to engage with other users in the community. When you look around your community and discover documents and conversations, you'll want to take advantage of the opportunity to co...
    Megan Murray
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  • Student Mission Control Page not updating

    The tasks for my students have not been disappearing as they have in the past. Their mission control page says that they have # New tasks to complete, however, when they go to their mission page they are all finished....
    Sara Porter
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  • Using scratch paper during testing

    When taking the MAP math, should students be allowed to use scratch paper, or only the calculator, notepad, etc tools that are online?
    Diane Patterson
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  • What effect will equitable curricula have on students of all backgrounds?

    Aaliyah Samuel, vice president of Policy and Advocacy at NWEA, answers this question in her most recent Teach. Learn. Grow. blog post. 
    Monica Rodriguez
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  • How do YOU celebrate winter growth?

    Winter testing is the perfect time to use MAP Growth (and other assessments from the MAP Suite) to check in on how students are doing—and determine if they're on track to meet their goals, as well as potential n...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • Make winter testing effective with these four key reports!

    If you’re like me, you might be wondering, “Where did fall go?!?”. Schools are always busy handling new challenges, and before you know it, three months of the school year are gone! And while you kno...
    Candi Fowler
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  • Contributors

    NWEA Contributors Joi Converse - Joi brings passion, creativity and a desire to "connect people with people" as Community Engagement Manager at NWEA. In her role, she develops strategies for building community,...
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  • Goals

    The NWEA mission Partnering to help all kids learn influences the dynamics of this community and our goals. Our intention is to provide an online home for learning, growing, and doing more with assessment to support a...
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  • How does the Winter testing cycle affect the Spring test?

    A question came up with my staff that I figured would be good to reach out to you on.  As we understand, the test adjusts fairly quickly to students' correct and incorrect answers; we are wondering this - if a st...
    Megan Cottone
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  • Why I’m Grateful for Growth Measures Like MAP Growth

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one: I’m filling out my son’s next Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) that’s due when he turns three, and I’m freaking out, convinced that the responses I ...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • How do you support teachers who are new to MAP?

    One of the consistent themes across the community is how much teachers are willing to support one another when it comes to getting the most out of MAP results. Whether it's through mentoring relationships, suppor...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • Setting Growth Goals with Early Elementary Students

    Our team has really been digging in on student ownership and having students identify their strengths and growth areas and we firmly believe that MAP is a great way for our kids to be able to do just that. We are acti...
    Brett Abbotts
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  • How are you using progress monitoring tests?

    If you use MAP Reading Fluency, you've got access to a tool for tracking the growth of your English Oral Reading students: progress monitoring tests.      Progress monitoring tests a...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • Resources for Student Goal Setting

    Around this time of year you may find yourself having goal conversations with your students. If you don't mind sharing with other community members; What tools and resources do you use to prepare for these s...
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  • A Teacher’s Survival Guide for Family Conferences

    Fall has flown by—and if your students have completed their fall MAP Growth testing, it’s the perfect time to get ready to use data for family conferences. If you’ve got a lot of data, but not a lot ...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • How do YOU talk to families about MAP data?

    Family-teacher conferences are the perfect time to team up with families in support of your students! Whether you're discussing how to help them toward their growth goals, or celebrating how much they've grown, it's a...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • How do I know if I am good to go as a proctor?

    I have completed all the course training that are available online. According to my administrator, I should be set up to be a proctor, but I cannot figure out if I actually am showing as one yet. I login to Growth, bu...
    Roxanna Fuerstenberg
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  • 2019-2020 test fees

    I need guidance on paying for the 2019-2020 test fees Who is to be contacted? I am testing double the number of students I tested last year, does this require any change? Is this an important piece of information to...
    Heba Khalifa
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  • Conducting Student Data Conferences

    You’ve carefully collected and recorded large amounts of student assessment data for your classroom, from MAP® assessments to anecdotal observations, but what’s the best way to get this information in...
    Lisa Fisher
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