• Flexible Grouping - Individual Classroom

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    Allison Parker
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  • QUEST: New Member Onboarding

    Welcome to NWEA Connection! We have created this quest to help you learn more about this community and how to navigate it.   Your first question may be, "What is a quest?".  Quests are created to encourag...
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  • Using Data to Create Small Reading Groups

    As educators, we constantly hear how important data collection is, but are often not given the tools for what to do with data. We need to change that! In this post, I’m tackling how data can be used to design sm...
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  • What resources do you use to prepare for the new school year?

    "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." - Sydney J. Harris It's back to school time around the country! Let your fellow community members know what you use to prepare for the new school year.
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  • Contributors

    NWEA Contributors   Danielle Kerns - Danielle brings 6+ years of dedicated partner support experience at NWEA. She considers herself a strong partner advocate and always strives to provide the most helpful ...
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  • Tips to Prepare Students for MAP Growth

    Will print best on 11x17 paper size.
    Danielle Kerns
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  • How do you support teachers who are new to MAP?

    One of the consistent themes across the community is how much teachers are willing to support one another when it comes to getting the most out of MAP results. Whether it's through mentoring relationships, suppor...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • Five Myths of Personalized Learning

    Modern classrooms are teeming with students of varying interests, backgrounds, abilities, and learning needs. To engage these students, learning must be every bit as diverse. But what do people mean, exactly, when the...
    Lisa Fisher
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  • Back to School-Could These Resources Help?

    Everywhere I look, there are signs that it is back-to-school time. Summer break certainly seemed short this year, but I don't think that teachers ever really take a break. They always seem to be either prepa...
    Virginia Williams
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  • Teaching Students to Read Their MAP Results

    As teachers, we understand the importance of assessments. They give us valuable insight into what students know and guide decision-making about the next instructional steps. Unfortunately, assessments, however well-in...
    Tod Johnston
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  • Personalized Learning - Adjusting Classroom Instruction.pdf

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  • Introducing Students and Parents to Growth Mindset

    Assessment data is all about growth, not results. How can we introduce students to the importance of cultivating and celebrating growth mindset, and just as importantly, how do we communicate this to parents? Read the...
    Kailey Rhodes
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  • Winter Testing Advice from Teach. Learn. Grow. Blog

    It's winter testing season! For many districts, now is the time to give interim assessments, so students and teachers can check in on progress toward growth goals together. If you're new to winter testing, or you're l...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • Understanding Instructional Weeks: Why Are They Important?

    As the school year approaches, we’re starting to get more questions about interpreting and adjusting instructional weeks. Specifically, these questions revolve around how instructional weeks impact interpretatio...
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  • Participate in Content and Discussions

    Comment on content or join a discussion to engage with other users in the community. When you look around your community and discover documents and conversations, you'll want to take advantage of the opportunity to co...
    Megan Murray
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  • Student Mission Control Page not updating

    The tasks for my students have not been disappearing as they have in the past. Their mission control page says that they have # New tasks to complete, however, when they go to their mission page they are all finished....
    Sara Porter
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  • Using scratch paper during testing

    When taking the MAP math, should students be allowed to use scratch paper, or only the calculator, notepad, etc tools that are online?
    Diane Patterson
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  • What effect will equitable curricula have on students of all backgrounds?

    Aaliyah Samuel, vice president of Policy and Advocacy at NWEA, answers this question in her most recent Teach. Learn. Grow. blog post. 
    Monica Rodriguez
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  • How do YOU celebrate winter growth?

    Winter testing is the perfect time to use MAP Growth (and other assessments from the MAP Suite) to check in on how students are doing—and determine if they're on track to meet their goals, as well as potential n...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • Make winter testing effective with these four key reports!

    If you’re like me, you might be wondering, “Where did fall go?!?”. Schools are always busy handling new challenges, and before you know it, three months of the school year are gone! And while you kno...
    Candi Fowler
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