• What resources do you use to prepare for the new school year?

    "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." - Sydney J. Harris It's back to school time around the country! Let your fellow community members know what you use to prepare for the new school year.
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  • Student Mission Control Page not updating

    The tasks for my students have not been disappearing as they have in the past. Their mission control page says that they have # New tasks to complete, however, when they go to their mission page they are all finished....
    Sara Porter
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  • Using scratch paper during testing

    When taking the MAP math, should students be allowed to use scratch paper, or only the calculator, notepad, etc tools that are online?
    Diane Patterson
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  • What effect will equitable curricula have on students of all backgrounds?

    Aaliyah Samuel, vice president of Policy and Advocacy at NWEA, answers this question in her most recent Teach. Learn. Grow. blog post. 
    Monica Rodriguez
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  • How does the Winter testing cycle affect the Spring test?

    A question came up with my staff that I figured would be good to reach out to you on.  As we understand, the test adjusts fairly quickly to students' correct and incorrect answers; we are wondering this - if a st...
    Megan Cottone
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  • How do I know if I am good to go as a proctor?

    I have completed all the course training that are available online. According to my administrator, I should be set up to be a proctor, but I cannot figure out if I actually am showing as one yet. I login to Growth, bu...
    Roxanna Fuerstenberg
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  • What are your tips for proctoring MAP Growth?

    Teach. Learn. Grow. recently spoke to some specialists on test engagement, who shared 10 tips for proctoring MAP Growth. Do you have any tips? What works for you?   Steve Wise Darin Kelberlau 
    Monica Rodriguez
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  • Projected Growth Score

    Could you please explain how the Projected Growth Score is determined? Math across the board is a 10 point gain. (One or 2 students may have a lower projection because they scored way above the base score of the blue ...
    laura walker
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  • Student not appearing on class or grade reports

    I have a student that completed the growth test a few days ago.  His profile was updated and he was assigned to the correct teachers.  When I view his test history results, he has a score.  However, he ...
    Katie Wojtanowicz
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  • Equal projected growth for very different students.

    In my class, like many others, the RIT scores in September vary greatly... from 193 to 224, yet each student has a projected growth of 11.  I would really like to have that explained to me, as the same was n...
    Allen McInnis
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  • 1st grade MAP Growth - Puppy Missing at end?

    I'm brand new to MAP Growth. A 1st grade teacher called me today to ask why the puppy dog is gone from the end screen when students finish the test? She said that it was a good stopping place to remind students of. No...
    Deanna Nelson
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  • Advanced 5th Grade Math Students

    I have a group of advanced 5th graders (in 8th grade level math), should they take the Math 6+ test?
    Sharon Muench
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  • Importing data from tests in prior schools

    Can testing data done in prior schools be imported into our schools log? If so, what information do we need to do this and what process do we then follow?   (asked by a new parent to our school who loves these ...
    Tom Cooper
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  • Several questions about MAP testing

    1-When running the operational report 'Students without valid test data' our grade 9 is blank even though several students are not finished. How do we rectify this?   2- Our grade 8 maths teacher was originally ...
    Jenny von Zastrow
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  • How do you recharge during summer vacation?

    Recently, one of our Teach.Learn.Grow. bloggers wrote about "Emotional Rest: An Education Fad for Teachers". Natalie DiFusco-Funk describes the transition that teachers have to go through when saying goodbye...
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  • Why does a RIT score change between the Fall and Winter MAP administration?

    My question has to do with the Projected Growth on the Achievement and Growth Projection Report. We took the test in the fall and made our SLO data based on the score and the projected RIT growth. After the winte...
    Lisa Murray
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  • Reading and Early Literacy Question

    I have three new Kindergarten students that I have screened using the Reading and Early Literacy screener,  I have never given this before and I like how it gives a quick look / snapshot, but I am confu...
    Rebecca Mahnke
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  • Student Growth

    We are currently using the Growth Projection as a end of year goal for students.  However, growth is being measured not by how much a student actually grew, but their growth in relation to the projection.  E...
    Stephanie Taylor
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  • Is there a place that administrators can view all of the NWEA testing data at one time?

    I want to be able to have a common place to store the NWEA data, so that as a school administrator I can quickly look to see how student achievement looks at each grade level.
    Andrea Ballard
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