• Is there a way to pull a report by accommodation?

    I would like to be able to pull a report and see which students have the "Separate Setting"  accommodation so I can determine which remote and in-person students still need to finish testing as a school. Or is th...
    Holly Killough
    created by Holly Killough
  • Suggestion for a feature add: Copy Testing Session

    I would love to see a "Copy Testing Session" feature so that the list of kids selected together could be copied and a different test be assigned. We are an intermediate school and students travel with the same group a...
    Holly Killough
    created by Holly Killough
  • Testing Window

    I know the norms are based on a certain number of instructional weeks that sets the testing window.  Given that we have been "instructing" remotely, and knowing we may move to an in-person Hybrid model shortly - ...
    Lori Butler
    last modified by Lori Butler
  • Our school is experiencing problems with NWEA such as students reaching white screens, pages not loading or reaching a page that says the site can't be reached at this time.

    Our school is experiencing problems with NWEA such as students reaching white screens, pages not loading or reaching a page that says the site can't be reached at this time.
    Lamont Moore
    last modified by Lamont Moore
  • What do you plan to do if NWEA is down and students can't login?

    Fun back up ideas? Suspend all testing for a day, week, month?
    Tom Hunter
    last modified by Tom Hunter
  • Remote Testing for Kindergarten

    Hi, everyone! I know things are pretty hectic for us all right now, but does anyone have tips for testing Kindergarten or even 1st grade students remotely?   Most of our virtual Kindergarten students have never ...
  • Google Meet Remote Testing

    We are using Google Meet to get students started with remote MAP Growth but once they are in the session, if they try to leave the Meet then it kicks them out. Does anyone know a keyboard command that can help them ex...
    Kathy Burbank
    last modified by Kathy Burbank
  • We encountered a temporary error ....

    I tried to save and exit a testing session and got this message," We encountered a temporary error when recalling details on this test session. Please try again."  I clicked "Home" and was able to exit the sessio...
    Lisa Cagle
    last modified by Lisa Cagle
  • not loading at home

    Student clicks on the NWEA button after signing back in, but the program/site does not load.  It stops in the middle of loading. 
    Amy Ahlstrom
    last modified by Amy Ahlstrom
  • is there a letter that the parent needs to sign regarding confidentiality?

    Is there a letter that the parents need to sign regarding confidentiality of questions?
    Carol ORourke
    last modified by Carol ORourke
  • Can parents download Browser App on iPad

    If student will test remotely on a personal iPad, can the parents download the NWEA app to the iPad themselves? Would they need any specific information to do this?
    Darla Clark
    last modified by Darla Clark
  • "This student's grade is required to used the secure testing browser

    We began remote testing today using the website and the students are receiving a screen that says "Raise hand your hand for help.  This student's grade is required to used the secure testing browser" on...
    Erika Dunn Romero
    last modified by Erika Dunn Romero
  • sample security agreement

    Does someone have a sample security agreement they are using with parents for remote testing?
    Janis Bredehoft
    last modified by Janis Bredehoft
  • "end of network" error

    the device check shows passing with green but then immediately changes to red with an error code regarding "end of network" error. What does that mean and how do we fix it remotely?
    Tara Hengartner
    last modified by Tara Hengartner
  • What should resolution be on remote testing

    When checking the computer for remote testing, what should the resolution be?
    Glenn Moyer
    last modified by Glenn Moyer
  • Can students take the MAP survey remotely

    If we have a new student who we wish to test outside of our MAP test window, can we adminster the survey version of the test remotely?
    Emily Greiber
    last modified by Emily Greiber
  • The material is not clear.  Do we have to use the secure browser with our remote students?  Or, can we use an open internet browser?

    We will have a mix of in-school and at-home testers.  Do we all have to use the secure browser?
    Craig Major
    last modified by Craig Major
  • troubleshooting

    "does not meet testing requirements" error message
    Matt Alander
    last modified by Matt Alander
  • invalid scores

    How do you invalidate a student's score when parents helped them throughout the tests?
    Susan Yencha
    last modified by Susan Yencha
  • Student Computer says "this site cannot be reached"

    Student computer says "this site cannot be reached"
    Pamela Michael
    last modified by Pamela Michael