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Product Updates

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In order to provide even more accurate norms, NWEA will be adding more options to the custom weeks of instructions settings. After the October release, you will have access to the following instructional week options:

  • Fall - 0-15
  • Winter - 16-25
  • Spring - 26-36


For instructions on how to modify your districts instructional weeks, please visit this Community knowledge article.

Secure Testing Browser Update: As of November 21, the following NWEA Secure Testing Browser (STB) versions will be enforced as the new minimum:


  1. MAC STB version (released 2/7/20)
  2. Windows STB version (released 7/17/20)
  3. Chromebook secure testing app version 3.1.0 (released 6/14/19)
  4. iPad secure testing app version 3.3 (released 7/17/20)

There are no updates for MAP Skills in October.

If your MAP Reading Fluency testing plans include iPads, be sure to update the app after October 19 and before testing students.


NWEA recommends checking for updates prior to all scheduled benchmark testing.


The updated app should be posted to the app store by Monday, October 19, 2020 and it will be required for testing after that.


Current app version: 2.4

Next Update (as of October 19): 2.5


 Bundle ID: 

On August 17, MAP Accelerator will be released and ready for activation on the date your district has established during implementation. Identified users, including teachers, can access MAP Accelerator by logging into Clever and finding the MAP Accelerator title. Additionally, MAP Accelerator users will receive an activation email on the district’s unique activation date.


Videos covering the step-by-step process of activation are available in the MAP Accelerator Set Up Resources along with other resources to guide and support you through preparing technology, rostering, and introducing MAP Accelerator to teachers and families.



As you begin using MAP Accelerator, you can get answers to the most commonly asked questions from the MAP Accelerator Help Center and how-to videos on Khan Academy.


Professional Learning

NWEA and Khan Academy designed MAP Accelerator to be intuitive to use and we provide a complimentary Introduction to MAP Accelerator e-learning to school and district leaders and teachers via Professional Learning Online. If you are unable to log in, please contact NWEA Partner Support or your district’s eLearning administrator(s).

However, to ensure teachers embrace and incorporate MAP Accelerator as part of their instruction, we have additional professional learning options available. The MAP Accelerator Professional Learning Fact Sheet provides an overview of all our courses including the e-learning.



We are here to help - contact NWEA Partner Support at (877) 469-3287,, live chat, or submit a form. We are standing by Monday-Friday 4:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, exclusive of federal holidays.

In order to support MAP Growth remote testing, NWEA has lifted the requirement for students to test using a secure testing browser. If your district plans to test onsite and you would like this requirement re-enabled, please contact NWEA Partner Support.

In order to provide you with easier access to important product news and updates, we have made some updates to the homepage of the MAP Administration and Reporting Center. The redesigned homepage will be in place effective August 17, 2020.


All students deserve the opportunity to work toward meaningful and realistic academic goals. But goal setting can be challenging, and different students need different goals. How do you determine the right goal for a student? How do you know if a goal is too easy or too hard? Will the goal identified help the student advance to where they need to be academically? 


What is MAP Growth Goal Explorer?

The MAP® Growth™ Goal Explorer simplifies the goal-setting process by helping students, families, and educators identify meaningful student goals that, if attained, would be significant accomplishments for the student. This tool will help you determine how realistic a goal is, with the understanding that the most useful goals are rigorous and challenging.


How should this tool be used?

The MAP Growth Goal Explorer should be used to support conversations between teachers, families, and students to establish goals that strike a balance between what is meaningful and what is realistic.


You can find the new MAP Growth Goal Explorer here on 

Effective August 17, 2020 the “picture book” label in the individual student report will be updated to reflect the label of “graphic novel” when the new graphic novel is used in place of the picture book warm up for those students in grade 3+.


Students in grade 3+ that are assigned the Adaptive Oral Reading or Adaptive Oral Reading – Passages only test forms in English, will see a graphic novel item in place of the picture book utilized for younger students. The graphic novel warmup measure results will include the same details and be recorded within the Picture Books/Graphic Novel section of the reporting.

We’re almost there with the improvements to NWEA Connection! 


Starting on October 31, 2020, you will see a new look and feel with our valuable resource center, NWEA Connection! This new experience will expand upon the great resources and support that our partners expect from our MAP Suite products by providing improved navigation, highlighting our most sought-after resources, all the while providing the same interactions that our partners depend on. Make sure when you visit that you log in to take full advantage of what NWEA Connection has to offer! 

As fall testing season approaches, we wanted to remind partners that it is highly recommended that every partner double checks their test versions prior to fall testing.


While every effort is made to ensure partners have the updated test versions most appropriate for their needs, now is the time for a quick double check before testing gets started.


Here are a few information highlights to get you started.


How to Check Your Test Versions and Modify Available Tests


Instructional Areas and Test Information

Questions about the instructional areas for your available test versions? Visit the State Information & Instructional Areas site to see test release news by state, as well as instructional areas documents.


Use the State Information link above to explore other versions as well. For example, visit the Spanish Reading Alignment Overview 2020-21 page within the state information links to determine the Spanish Reading option that is right for you.


General Information on Test Version Changes

Test versions are regularly updated according to state standards changes. The articles below address general questions regarding impact to scores, as well as the recommendation to make changes prior to fall testing, if possible.



If you have further questions or would like to switch to different test versions, contact your NWEA account manager to discuss the versions that best suits your district’s needs.

On August 17, MAP Accelerator, NWEA’s new co-developed product with Khan Academy, will be available for districts in the US to help your teachers take immediate action on their students’ MAP Growth math scores in grades 3-8.


MAP Accelerator is an intuitive classroom tool that automatically generates personalized learning pathways of Khan Academy’s Common Core aligned content—including practice problems, videos, and celebrations of progress – based on math RIT scores.


MAP Accelerator can be purchased as a supplement to MAP Growth to help save teachers time and improve student outcomes in math after learning was interrupted during school closures. MAP Accelerator is not included in your MAP Growth license.


Want more information? Check out the short video below, visit the MAP Accelerator page on or contact your NWEA Account Manager for a demo.


Already a MAP Accelerator partner? Watch for additional details about the product release in the August Partner Update.


The new MAP Growth K-2 Scale Maintenance RIT Score Conversion File will be made available within MAP Growth reporting, September 14 or before. This is a simple data file that allows users to:


  • Review historical K-2 data (pre-July 24, 2020) with the new K-2 scale maintenance approach and 2020 norms applied
  • Make appropriate comparisons of K-2 scores and achievement percentile ranks pre- and post- K-2 scale maintenance

NWEA has released a new student-level data file that helps identify students that were most impacted by the interrupted learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Learn how students’ normative achievement changed from a prior term in the 2019-20 school year
  • Determine the growth needed for students to reach their pre-COVID-19 achievement levels by spring
  • Find out the growth needed to reach 50th (“average”) and 60th (“stretch”) percentile growth by spring and determine realistic growth goals
  • Covers Reading (English & Spanish), Math K-12 (English & Spanish), Language Usage, and Science K-12


For more information on the Recovery and Goal-Setting Data File, please access this overview document.  

In August, NWEA will add 0 and 1 to the list of custom instructional weeks for fall. This will allow districts to get data that more closely matches their school calendar, when testing early in the school year. NWEA recommends you set the custom week of instruction for each term to match the middle week of your testing window.


For instructions on how to modify your districts instructional weeks, please visit this Community knowledge article.