Product Update

New progress graph designed with your needs in mind

Blog Post created by Product Update on Oct 16, 2018

The MAP Skills progress graphs have been completely redesigned based directly on your feedback and extensive testing with MAP Skills partners.

Select the new “Student Progress” tab in the top menu header to find all your student information in one place. This new page saves you clicks by condensing the student skills, missions, and progress details onto a single page. The progress graph is also easier to read, so you can quickly see if your students are on pace to meet their goals.

From the redesigned page you can also:

  • view the progress goal as a percentage based on instructional weeks remaining until target goal
  • easily track progress over time with a weekly summary of skills changes
  • see the history of an individual skill and create assignments directly from the page

Note: This new page replaces the previous “Students” tab in the top menu header.