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New partner communication process begins in May

Blog Post created by Product Update on Dec 12, 2018

Last month, we shared plans for improving our partner update communication process. With this new process, we will continue to notify you via email that new product updates are happening. But starting in May, the email will look different. It will include a brief notification that updated information is available, with a link to NWEA® Connection (our online community) where you can access product update details for all products—including MAP® Growth™, MAP® Skills™, and MAP Reading Fluency. This means you will get fewer emails, more timely updates, and easier navigation to current and previous product update details.


Here’s what you can do to get ready:

  • For now, log into the community and click the Product Update button at the top left of the page. (For login help, see this article on how to create an NWEA Connection login). Beginning in May, the link in your email will take you directly to the Product Update page.
  • You can adjust your email and notification preferences for the community to receive an email when an update occurs, and when comments are made, or you can disable this feature if you do not wish to receive these notifications.
  • To quickly access the update page, you can set up a bookmark by clicking the “follow” button on the Product Update page. (Note: It will not create a bookmark in your browser tab, but will instead allow quick access from within the community by selecting "My places" from the drop down tab under your profile photo.)

We will continue to provide additional information and guidance on this process as we approach May. Until May, all update information will be available both in the online community and inside the partner update emails.