Product Update

Test engagement capability update for Fall 2019

Blog Post created by Product Update on Mar 14, 2019

We have updated our student test engagement capability FAQ with new details for Fall 2019. Improvements focus on keeping students engaged with the MAP Growth test and supporting optional retesting. Notable updates include the following:


  • The rule that terminates and invalidates tests when students rapid guess on 30 percent of the questions will not be part of the Fall 2019 release. We'd first like to get your feedback on the impact of other Fall 2019 features that we expect to increase student test engagement. This will help us determine how we can continue to enhance the test engagement capability in a way that is responsive to your needs.
  • New additions to the expanded Fall 2019 functionality since we last updated you in January include:
    • A new report will be available to help districts identify students that rapid-guessed on 30 percent of the total test questions.
    • Districts will be able to work with NWEA® to configure the system to allow, or not allow, retesting for students who rapid-guessed on 30 percent of the total test questions.
    • Proctors and administrators will be able to use the test session management page to easily find students who rapid guessed on 30 percent of the total test questions. If the district configuration allows, they can assign these students to a new test in a group.