Product Update

Grade-level expansion helps you support more students

Blog Post created by Product Update on May 17, 2019

Get a more complete picture of your youngest developing readers with a new Foundational Skills test form for pre-K students


Look for the new beginner’s version of the Foundational Skills test form for pre-kindergarten students. This new test form will start assessing foundational skills at the beginning of each skill progression, whereas the current Foundational Skills test form starts in the middle of each skill progression. Both test forms are adaptive and identify the student’s Zone of Proximal Development.


To provide more complete coverage for emergent readers, a Print Concepts measure is also being added to the Foundational Skills tests.


Expanded rostering and an alternate test interface help you support at-risk readers in grades 4+


Do you want to better support students in fourth grade and above who are working on oral reading fluency? Rostering will expand to allow students above grade 3 to test with MAP Reading Fluency. Those in grade 4 and higher will automatically see an alternate interface for the Adaptive Oral Reading test better suited for older students.


Students in fourth grade and above will also be able to utilize the new Progress Monitoring functionality, which tracks student progress toward fluent reading on a more frequent basis.