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Resources to help prepare for new student test engagement features

Blog Post created by Product Update on Jun 11, 2019

K-12 educators need accurate assessment data to help students learn, but when students disengage from a test by rapid-guessing excessively, their performance can be misrepresented. This is especially relevant in connection with efforts to close opportunity and achievement gaps because NWEA research shows that students from underrepresented backgrounds are more likely to rapidly guess on test questions.


The student test engagement capability in MAP Growth helps students try their best on the test and reveals when they don’t, so educators have the best data available to make critical decisions that impact student learning.


Starting in July 2019, most MAP Growth tests will auto-pause when students begin to rapid-guess so they can be reengaged, show which students rapid-guessed too much, and enable easy, optional group retesting of those students. The result – educators can trust that the scores are accurate and make sound instructional and program placement decisions.


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