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Student test engagement features and action overview

Blog Post created by Product Update on Jun 11, 2019

We are committed to providing you accurate data about student performance so you can confidently make critical instructional decisions. That’s why we are so focused on student test engagement. When students disengage during a test by rapid-guessing excessively on questions, their academic performance can be misrepresented.


Our research suggests that rapid-guessing is due to lack of engagement, not a lack of knowledge, as retests (a day after the original test event) resulted in improved performance. So, in July, we’re introducing new features designed to help increase student test engagement by reducing rapid-guessing behavior.


As a reminder, we will not be reintroducing the invalidation rule for tests that reach the rapid-guessing threshold (rapid-guessing on 30 percent of total test questions). 


New features

Here’s an overview of the new features coming for fall testing:


  • When students rapid-guess on multiple questions, most MAP Growth tests will auto-pause (up to three times), so the proctor can reengage the student.
  • A new report identifying students with completed tests that reached the rapid-guessing threshold (rapid-guessed excessively on 30 percent or more of the total questions).
  • Proctors will be able to easily generate a list of students with completed tests that reached the rapid-guessing threshold and then create a test session from that list.
  • A new rapid-guessing criterion will be added to the “district’s retesting rules (definition of tested),” allowing students who reach the threshold for excessive rapid-guessing to retest.


Learn more about the benefits of these new features.


Before fall testing

To prepare for the new functionality, you should do the following before fall testing:


  • Cover the student test engagement capability in your fall training plan
  • Assess your district’s retesting policy to ensure that it addresses retesting due to excessive rapid-guessing
  • Ensure your test restrictions in MAP Growth reflect your retesting policy for excessive rapid-guessing


Refer to the guidance document for details, including if and how to make a system configuration change.


Resources to support preparation

We have developed a collection of resources on the Student Test Engagement page including new research illustrating how proctor intervention and retesting can improve scores and validity.


We are also hosting a webinar, Set the Stage to Engage, on Wednesday, June 19, at 10:00 a.m. PT (1:00 p.m. ET).  Join to get your questions answered ahead of fall testing. Can’t attend the webinar? Register to receive a link to the recording.