Product Update

Choose the right test for each student with an updated Assignments page

Blog Post created by Product Update on Jul 17, 2019

New testing options means an updated Assignments page. Here you can choose from the appropriate benchmark test form or assign progress monitoring.


Some test selection tips to get you started:


  • Adaptive Oral Reading is assigned to all students by default and is appropriate for most students
  • An alternate test format, Adaptive Oral Reading – Passages Only, can be assigned to students who you know are reading connected text. This test format presents picture book, sentence reading, and passages with comprehension questions. It will not adapt down to Foundational Skills.
  • Foundational Skills is an adaptive test focused only on the phonological awareness, phonics, word recognition, and language comprehension measures in MAP Reading Fluency. This test is appropriate in early kindergarten and first grade, though note that there is no opportunity to read aloud on this test form.
  • Foundational Skills - Beginner is also focused on phonological awareness, phonics, and language comprehension, but starts at the bottom of the skills progressions and works up, rather than starting in the middle and working up or down. This test form is appropriate for students in pre-kindergarten and fall of kindergarten. Please note that ZPD level 2 is the highest achievable on this test form. Students should move to the standard Foundational Skills test once they have had formal instruction in early literacy.
  • Progress Monitoring is appropriate for students who are at-risk in reading and already reading connected text. A single passage and its comprehension questions are presented, and the test takes 5 -10 minutes.


Any test aside from the default must be assigned from Assignments page, which appears below. A description of each test variant can be found by clicking the question mark next to Test Subtype.