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New student test engagement features available

Blog Post created by Product Update on Jul 18, 2019

In the previous months, we have been communicating about the importance of student test engagement and the upcoming features. The July release is finally here, adding the following new student test engagement features to MAP Growth to prevent, reduce, and respond to rapid-guessing behavior.


  • Auto-pause: most MAP Growth tests will auto-pause (up to three times) when students rapid-guess on multiple questions allowing the proctor to reengage students
  • Proctor console enhancements: rapid-guessing tips and information will be available on the proctor console before, during, and after a test session
  • Retest Recommended – Rapid-Guessing report: new report identifying students with completed tests that reached the rapid-guessing threshold
  • New Test History Search option: easily generate a list of students with completed tests that reached the rapid-guessing threshold and then create a test session from that list
  • New rapid-guessing criterion: new criterion added to the “district’s retesting rules (definition of tested)” to allow students who reach the rapid-guessing threshold to retest


Watch the What’s New video for more information.


To prepare for fall testing, assess your district’s retesting policy to ensure it addresses retesting for excessive rapid-guessing and verify your MAP Growth test restrictions reflect your retesting policy. Refer to the guidance document for details, including if and how to make a change to test restrictions.


Please share information about these new features with proctors and teachers in advance of fall testing as they don’t receive the partner update communications.

Visit the Student Test Engagement community page for more information and resources.