Product Update

Option for student test instructions in Spanish

Blog Post created by Product Update on Jul 18, 2019

Students will now be able to select whether they wish to see their test instructions in either English or Spanish. All students, regardless of their home-language or the language of the test they are taking (even if the test they are taking is not a Spanish test), will see this option during login. The default language will be English, but simply clicking a checkbox will translate most test instructions into Spanish (see sample screens below). Note that some instructions, such as those in selection boxes, will remain in English even when Spanish is selected.


Please note that this will NOT affect any of the test item content, only the instructions (such as “name” or “test”, for example). Once the test has begun, there is no way to change the instruction language unless the student is logged out and then logged back in. This language toggle cannot be controlled by the proctor, only by the student.