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Spanish MAP Growth reading and math are now available for everyone

Blog Post created by Product Update on Jul 18, 2019

Spanish versions of MAP Growth reading and math tests will now be included with your MAP Growth license at no additional cost. Spanish MAP Growth reading tests are new and allow you to measure growth for your Spanish-speaking students the same way you already do for your English-speaking students. NWEA is dedicated to equity in assessment and that means bringing you the same assessments you know and data you trust to provide more complete insights for all students.


Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:


  1. How much does it cost?

There is no additional charge for Spanish MAP Growth assessments. Spanish MAP Growth reading and math tests will automatically be included with MAP Growth K-2 and MAP Growth licenses.


  1. If a student takes both English and Spanish tests, does that require two licenses?

No. A student can take any tests included with the license for the regular, single license price.


  1. What subjects and grades will have Spanish test options?

Spanish assessments will be available for the following subjects and grades starting this fall:

- MAP Growth Reading K-8

- MAP Growth Math K-12


  1. What do we need to do to get the Spanish assessments for next fall?

You don’t need to do anything. The Spanish assessments will automatically be included with your MAP Growth assessments as of July 22 for use starting in the 2019-20 school year. They can be assigned to students in the same way as any other MAP Growth test.


  1. Which students are the Spanish assessments appropriate for?

      The Spanish assessments can be used by any Spanish-speaking students.


  1. Are these just translated tests, or how do you build the item pool?

The item pool for the Spanish MAP Growth assessments are made up of both items that are trans-adapted from our English item pool, meaning translated and checked for cultural bias, and newly created, authentic Spanish items.


  1. What Spanish dialect are the test items written in?

We used a generic, standard variety of Spanish that is not specific to any one dialect. We avoid words or phrases that are dialect specific.


  1. Our district has licenses for the Spanish reading screener in MAP Growth—what’s happening to that assessment come fall?

Because MAP Growth for K-8 offers comprehensive, adaptive reading assessments in Spanish, the K-8 Spanish Reading Screeners are retired and will no longer be available in the fall.


  1. Our district has licenses for Spanish math in MAP Growth—what’s happening to that assessment for fall?

The Spanish MAP Growth math assessments will continue as is and will be available to all MAP Growth partners. You will no longer need any additional licenses for the Spanish math tests; they will simply be included with your MAP Growth license at no additional charge.


  1. Do Spanish MAP Growth reading and math have norms?

Yes. Spanish MAP Growth math uses the same norms as standard English MAP Growth math. Spanish MAP Growth reading has user norms (not national norms) which were developed from the testing population of the 2018-19 pilot year. National norms will be developed when the necessary amount of data are available.


  1. Can I compare Spanish and English RIT scores?

Yes. For example, a 200 in Spanish equals a 200 in English. However, for Spanish MAP Growth reading, the percentiles will differ since the norming populations are different. Spanish MAP Growth math uses the same norms as standard English MAP Growth math, so the percentiles are the same and comparable.


  1. Are Spanish data available in reports just like English data?

Yes. Spanish MAP Growth reading data are available in all regular MAP Growth reports except the Projected Proficiency report. They will have a separate growth event from English reading, meaning you can track longitudinal growth for each. In reporting, like the Student Profile report for example, you will see Reading-Spanish included on a separate tab like a separate subject. On the other hand, math only has one growth event per testing term, meaning only the test (English or Spanish) will the lowest Standard Error of Measure (SEM) will be counted for longitudinal growth and appear in most reports.


  1. Are there Learning Continuum for Spanish MAP Growth reading and math?

Yes. Because the learning constructs of Spanish and English reading are different, Spanish MAP Growth reading tests will have their own Learning Continuum. Spanish and English MAP Growth math will continue to share a Learning Continuum.


  1. What is available to help students take the Spanish MAP Growth tests?

There are student practice tests available at

Also, students will now see an option to translate the test instructions (not the test items themselves) into Spanish. Note that this feature is available on ALL MAP Growth tests, not just Spanish assessments.

Text-to-speech and screen reader support are currently not available for Spanish assessments, but will become available in a future update.


Are you interested in learning more about how MAP Spanish can make a difference in your program?  Check out several short videos from the NWEA Professional Learning Team that provide an overview of MAP Spanish, test assignments, and reports.


After July 22, a new Spanish Tests help topic with new videos can be found in the MAP Help Center including the following.

  • Introduction: Spanish MAP Growth (Understand the value of Spanish MAP Growth assessment)
  • How to Use Spanish MAP Growth Reports and Data (Viewers will understand how Spanish MAP Growth gives them actionable insights into the learning needs of their Spanish-speaking students))
  • Spanish and English Language Development and Instruction: How They Differ (Understand the differences in how Spanish and English language development and potential impacts on instruction)