Product Update

New Scaled WCPM

Blog Post created by Product Update on Aug 20, 2019

MAP Reading Fluency adapts passage difficulty to meet the needs of the reader. In order to provide an appropriate level of content difficulty for each student, the adaptive structure reaches to higher difficulty passages when a student reads well. This is aligned to true growth in reading.


When students read multiple passages of varying difficulty over time it can be hard to tell whether the increase or decrease of a student’s oral reading rate scores (i.e., Words Correct Per Minute or WCPM scores) is due to the change of their ability or due to the differences in the difficulty of the passages that they read.


To better address these variations in text difficulty, NWEA has built a scale for the MAP Reading Fluency passage pool and equated the oral reading rate scores for these passages. Scaled WCPM scores take into account the effects of text difficulty. These scores provide a better indication of students’ reading fluency.


Look for scaled WCPM in reports after August 26, 2019. Note that data for any tests taken before August 26 will automatically be updated to reflect the new scaled scores in place of the raw WCPM scores in reports at that time.


Use the scaled WCPM scores as you would use any WCPM score, knowing they are more accurate due to the equating process.


Please note that the new scaled WCPM scores are applicable for English tests and reporting only at this time. Spanish test results and reports will continue to reflect the raw WCPM score.