Product Update

Better understand and support your Spanish-speaking students with Spanish assessments

Blog Post created by Product Update on Aug 21, 2019

As previously announced, MAP Reading Fluency will include Spanish benchmark tests for students in pre-kindergarten through third grade. You will be able to choose from the Adaptive Oral Reading, Oral Reading - Passages Only, Foundational Skills and Foundational Skills - Beginner test forms. All tests were built with 100% new, authentic Spanish items. The test structures mirror English, with foundational skill measures that are customized to align to early literacy skill progressions typical of Spanish-speaking early readers. Check out a few sample items below:




Are you interested in learning more about how MAP Spanish can make a difference in your program? Check out several short videos from the NWEA Professional Learning Team that provide an overview of MAP Spanish, test assignments, and reports.


After July 22, a new Spanish Tests help topic with new videos can be found in the MAP Help Center including the following.  

  • Introduction: Spanish MAP Reading Fluency (Understand the value of Spanish MAP Reading Fluency assessment)
  • How to Use Spanish MAP Reading Fluency Reports and Data (Viewers will understand how Spanish MAP Reading Fluency gives them actionable insights into the learning needs of their Spanish-speaking students)
  • Spanish and English Language Development and Instruction: How They Differ (Understand the differences in how Spanish and English language development and potential impacts on instruction)