Product Update

New research test forms added

Blog Post created by Product Update on Dec 11, 2019

Two new research test forms have been added to the assignments page within MAP Reading Fluency.


Any partners who are not participating in current research programs should ignore the research options and continue to utilize the benchmark and progress monitoring test forms.


Partners participating in the research program can now begin testing students using these test forms per the research program guidelines.


When assigning the research test form:


  • Go to the assignments page
  • Select the students who will be tested as part of the research program
  • Click on the “See More” text under the Test selector
  • Select the Research option
  • Select the appropriate Test Language
  • Click assign
  • Follow the standard student login process for students to access the research test


As a reminder, the research test form results will not appear on the Class Matrix. Raw scores are reported in a field test report and can be accessed by choosing the research test with the Test & Date selector on an individual’s benchmark reporting page.


If you have any questions regarding participation in the MAP Reading Fluency research programs, please contact your implementation specialist.