Product Update

New export capabilities will allow you to easily download student results

Blog Post created by Product Update on Feb 5, 2020

With the February update, MAP Reading Fluency will now include new export capabilities.


You can access the new export functions by clicking on the Exports link under the Reports tab.  


With this update, the Export option will be removed from the Student Matrix and Term Summary pages. All the export functions are now consolidated on a single page. 



From the new Exports page you can customize each report to include particular schools, grades, terms, schools, test types, and more by selecting the options you want. Filter options may vary based on user role. The selected details can then be exported in .csv or Excel format.


All recently run exports are saved for 14 days and can be accessed from the “Recent” tab, after clicking Export.


Note that with these enhanced export capabilities the export file format, including column headers, has changed. A sample of the new export format, with column descriptions can be viewed by clicking on the “sample export file” link on the Exports page.