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New Data Fields Coming to the Comprehensive and Combined data files (CDF)

Blog Post created by Product Update on Mar 17, 2020

For the 2020/2021 school year you will find even more data in your data export files. NWEA will be enhancing the data export files (Combined and Comprehensive) to include new data fields, rename some old data fields, and reorganize the file in a more logical sequence. See data field details below. 


For partner planning and preparation, the updated Data Field Descriptions file with the new field layout is located hereNote that this updated version of the Data Field Descriptions file will replace the existing version on the data export scheduler page with the July 2020 release.

New Data Fields:
  • District_StateID
  • School_StateID
  • Student_StateID
  • NWEAStandard_EthnicGroup
  • NWEAStandard_Grade
  • RapidGuessingPercentage
  • AchievementQuintile
  • FallToFallGrowthQuintile
  • FallToWinterGrowthQuintile
  • FallToSpringGrowthQuintile
  • WinterToWinterGrowthQuintile
  • WinterToSpringGrowthQuintile
  • SpringToSpringGrowthQuintile
  • Quantile Data Fields (placeholders for future data)
    • QuantileScore
    • QuantileMin
    • QuantileMax 


Updated or Renamed Data Fields:
  • Discipline renamed Subject
  • Measurement Scale renamed Course
  • RIT to Reading data fields renamed
    • LexileScore
    • LexileMin
    • LexileMax
  • AccommodationCategory renamed AccommodationCategories