Product Update

Updated Student Passwords navigation and printing

Blog Post created by Product Update on Apr 15, 2020

With the April 2020 MAP Reading Fluency software release, educators will now have a new navigation tab at the top of the screen for managing student passwords. This tab replaces the Student Passwords button previously found in the upper right corner of the educator interface.


The functionality of the student passwords interface remains the same and now includes new print functionality that allows the student information to be printed in a list or card format to facilitate smoother student logins and test administration.


In addition, the enhanced print functionality now supports printing of the student password information for selected students. This feature will better support makeup testing or similar scenarios where only a few students are being tested.


Note that hidden passwords will not be shown on the printouts unless they are immediately changed before printing. As before, once you leave the student passwords screen, the passwords are encrypted and can no longer be viewed or printed.