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New Virtual and Blended Professional Learning Options for School Restart Planning

Blog Post created by Product Update on May 13, 2020

As you formulate your restart plans and evaluate your professional learning needs to prepare for school re-opening, we recognize that now more than ever you need flexibility in terms of learning module length and modality. We have several new NWEA Professional Learning options that can be configured to fit your specific needs including virtual, on-site, online, and blended learning. See the details below and contact your Account Manager to discuss your needs and create the plan that fits you best.


NEW! Leveraging Research for School Restart Planning (Available now)

This brand-new offering is designed to support the urgent needs of educators around addressing unfinished learning resulting from extended school closures and getting all students back on track to growth and mastery. Gain insights from recent NWEA research on learning loss - and some practical strategies for addressing it - to help understand, plan for, and mitigate potential impacts of this extended pause when students return to school.

  • Available as a 2 -hour virtual module OR a 3-hour onsite module
  • Available as two separate sessions: the leader session focuses on system-level planning, while the teacher session focuses on implications for classroom instruction.
  • Facilitated by an NWEA Professional Learning Consultant
  • Focuses on supporting educators in a process to:
    • Connect research to the impacts of interrupted learning on student readiness
    • Identify MAP Growth data and other information related to student readiness for learning
    • Plan to adopt classroom practices that support students socially, emotionally, and academically
    • Outline action steps toward building responsive learning in your educational system


Virtual Facilitator-Led Sessions

Virtual MAP Growth, MAP Reading Fluency, MAP Accelerator, and MAP Skills professional learning sessions offer essentially the same facilitator-led learning as their onsite equivalents, but in a virtual delivery format designed to maximize engagement. When appropriate, all sessions will include research guidance regarding impact of school closures on growth norms and instructional opportunities.


MAP Growth Virtual Sessions

NEW! Virtual MAP Growth Basics (Available now)

      2-hour session

Get ready for a successful implementation - gain a solid understanding of what makes MAP® Growth™ unique, dive into resources that can help inform the process moving forward, learn how to administer the assessments for the first time, and begin to understand the importance of engaging students and optimizing learning.

Virtual Applying Reports (Available now)

      Two 2-hour sessions

  • Session 1: Connecting MAP Growth Scores to Student Learning - Get hands-on with MAP Growth reports and learn how to access, interpret, and apply rich data to identify what each student knows and is ready to learn next, flexibly group students, and support planning and instructional decisions.
  • Session 2: Student Growth and Goal Setting - Build on practices that use growth projection data and learning statements to engage students in setting academic goals and explore reports and resources to support sharing performance and growth data with students and parents.

Virtual Informing Instruction (Available in July)

      Two 2-hour sessions

Dive deeper into classroom applications of MAP® Growth™ reports and the Learning Continuum. Support differentiated instruction and meet the needs of every student through scaffolding strategies based on your MAP Growth results.

     MAP Reading Fluency Virtual Sessions

Virtual MAP Reading Fluency Basics (Available now)

2-hour session

With your NWEA Professional Learning Consultant, learn how to use MAP® Reading Fluency™ assessment data to gain a more holistic view of your students’ reading to track progress. Build your understanding of MAP Reading Fluency assessment features, learn how to administer the assessment for the first time, gain insight into the assessment experience, and discuss the implications of using the assessment.

NEW! Virtual Consultation focused on MAP Reading Fluency Reports (Available now)

1.5 or 2-hour session

A Virtual Consultation session focused on MAP Reading Fluency reports is available for educators who want guidance on how to gain insight into how students are developing foundational reading skills. An NWEA Professional Learning Consultant will guide educators through the interpretation of student data to inform early reading instruction to promote reading progress and growth. Recommended to have data from at least one testing event once prior to engaging in this learning.

MAP Accelerator Virtual Sessions

NEW! Virtual Getting Started with MAP Accelerator (Available in August)

      2-hour session

     Gain a deep understanding of the value of MAP Accelerator. Learn how to prepare an implementation plan, establish MAP Accelerator routines in the classroom, and empower students as monitors of their own learning.

NEW! Virtual MAP Accelerator: Using Results in the Classroom (Available in September)

2-hour session

     Gain hands-on experience in learning how to incorporate MAP Accelerator into your teaching and learning cycles while using data to determine student strengths and areas for improvement.

MAP Skills Virtual Sessions

Virtual MAP Skills Basics (Available now)

Two 2-hour sessions

      Learn how to use MAP® Skills™ both to pinpoint specific skills students need to work on and to track progress. Knowing how to effectively use this tool in classrooms will help you better support students who need remediation or enrichment. You will also learn strategies for creating powerful intervention programs and closing gaps in learning.


NEW! Virtual Consultation Services

New Virtual Consultation Services provide the ultimate in engagement and flexibility to support your unique needs. Each session will be personalized depending on the specific goals of your team. Virtual consults can be part of a comprehensive professional learning plan—extending and complementing your onsite, virtual, or online professional learning to set the stage or extend your path. Virtual Consultations are an ideal solution when standard workshop offerings aren’t a good fit for a partner’s learning or data consultation needs.

  • Standard offering of 90 minutes; options for 45, 60, or 120 minutes per partner request
  • Personalized and flexible, based on partner’s learning needs and audience
  • Examples of possible consult topics:
    • Getting Started: How do we prepare for a successful administration?
    • Integration: How do we maximize the relationship between MAP Growth, MAP® Skills™, and/or MAP® Reading Fluency™?
    • Leadership planning: How does the data inform district- or school-based decision-making?
    • Distance learning: How do I leverage Instructional Connections and/or digital learning resources with MAP Growth data?


NEW! Small Team Blended Learning

We know that when school opens again, maximizing instructional time will certainly take on even greater importance. The Small Team Blended Learning experience leverages team meeting and planning times in your daily schedule, enabling teachers to take one concept at a time and apply it immediately, learn as a team, and reinforce and sustain learning with solid application and understanding. Each topic blends a short facilitator-led session with self-directed online learning and team collaboration over the course of several weeks —before and after—to reinforce and deepen learning.

Topics include:

  • Partnering with families through conferences: How do I communicate with families about results?
  • Responsive planning for instruction: How should I adjust my instruction?
  • Strategies for growth: How are my students doing?
  • Goal setting with students: How can I involve students in setting academic goals?
  • Making Assessment Meaningful to Students: How do I talk about assessment with my students to increase student engagement and ownership?


On-Demand Online Courses

Online learning modules are an excellent solution for scaling initial or refreshed learning to all staff, especially new teachers coming into the district who may not have had the opportunity to attend an onsite or virtual learning event.


MAP Growth 

Online MAP Growth Basics

  • Paid online, on-demand PL
  • 30-60 minutes completion time, depending on role
  • Role-based learning paths for leaders, teachers, and test proctors
  • Delivers essentially the same learning as on onsite or virtual MAP Growth Basics workshop

Establishes the foundational concepts educators need to be successful with MAP Growth assessments and to communicate the value of the data across all schools. They will learn about the purpose of MAP Growth and the data it provides about students, be able to identify ways to integrate MAP Growth reports and data into instruction and know how to leverage planning tools and additional resources to help build expertise.

     MAP Reading Fluency

Online MAP Reading Fluency Basics

  • Paid online, on-demand PL
  • 30-60 minutes completion time, depending on role
  • Role-based learning paths for leaders, teachers, and test proctors
  • Delivers essentially the same learning as on onsite or virtual MAP Reading Fluency Basics workshop

Educators will learn what makes MAP Reading Fluency such a powerful classroom tool, see why students love MAP Reading Fluency and what the assessment looks like from their perspective, learn the steps they can take to ensure a successful testing experience, and preview the valuable insights they will gain once testing is complete.

MAP Accelerator

Online Intro to MAP Accelerator (Available end of July)

  • Free online, on-demand PL
  • 20 minutes completion time
  • Focuses on very basic setup and overview of the product
  • Precursor to, not a substitute for, an onsite or virtual Getting Started with MAP Accelerator workshop

Self-paced, on-demand digital course that highlights MAP Accelerator’s purpose, steps for set up, and considerations for implementation in classroom.