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Grade-level expansion helps you support more students

Blog Post created by Product Update on Jun 24, 2020

To better support more students, especially older students, we are introducing a number of enhancements to MAP Reading Fluency as part of the July and October 2020 software releases. With these updates, MAP Reading Fluency will be officially supporting students in pre-K through grade 5.


New student interface for older students:

Starting with the July 2020 software release, students rostered in grades 3+ will have a new testing experience to better suit their developmental level.


Whether you are utilizing MAP Reading Fluency for older students who may still be working on early reading skills or you have benchmark testing requirements for an oral reading fluency measure beyond third grade, the alternate older student interface is a welcome enhancement.


The first part of the new older student interface will be introduced as part of the July software update. The initial enhancement that students in grade 3+ will see is to the picture book measure used at the beginning of the Adaptive Oral Reading and the Adaptive Oral Reading – Passages Only test forms. Students in grade 3+ that are assigned these test forms in English, will see a graphic novel item in place of the picture book utilized for younger students. The graphic novel warmup measure results will include the same details and be recorded within the Picture Books/Graphic Novel section of the reporting.


In the second part of the new older student interface to be introduced as part of the October release, a new character will replace the friendly worm. This new character will guide students through the assessment, much like the worm does, but with more age-appropriate feedback and interactions along the way. Students in grade three and above, will have this alternate experience, regardless of the test language (English or Spanish) with all benchmark and progress monitoring test forms assigned.


Students in grade pre-K -2 will continue to have their test experience guided by the friendly worm.


Extended Passage Levels:

The oral reading passages available as part of the English adaptive benchmark or progress monitoring assessments will extend up to 1000 Lexile® text measure as of the July 2020 release. This passage level extension will provide better support and improved reporting results for older or advanced students that may still be required to take a fluency assessment.


Spanish oral reading passages now extend to cover 160-780 Lexile text measure.

Reminder: While students up to eighth grade can be rostered to use MAP Reading Fluency, the reporting boundary ceiling is at the fifth-grade level for English and at the third-grade level for Spanish. This means reporting against grade level expectations will not extend beyond these ceiling levels.



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