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New Lexile oral reading measure replacing instructional reading level

Blog Post created by Product Update on Jun 24, 2020

With the July 2020 software release, we will be incorporating an exciting new measure into MAP Reading Fluency. The innovative new Lexile oral reading measure from MetaMetrics provides the individual student oral reading ability information that partners need to help better understand and support their early readers.


The Lexile Framework for Oral Reading measures both student oral reading ability (Lexile oral reading measure) and how difficult a piece of text is to read aloud (Lexile oral readability measure) on the same scale. To do this, the Lexile Framework for Oral Reading evaluates the oral readability of the text and students’ oral reading performance to calculate their Lexile oral reading measure.


Partners will see the new Lexile oral reading measure reflected in the Oral Reading Level section of the Benchmark Matrix and individual student reports in place of the Instructional Reading Level (and readability level) previously provided. The new Lexile oral reading measure will only be provided as an output of English benchmark assessments in which the student read passages – either by taking the Adaptive Oral Reading test form and adapting to the oral reading path or by taking the Adaptive Oral Reading – Passages Only test form. 


The Benchmark Matrix report will include the student Lexile oral reading measures in a single Oral Reading Level column that can be easily sorted so teachers can group students based on their Lexile oral reading measure to information instructional small group or scaffolding needs.



Within the Oral Reading Level section of the individual student report, teachers will see each student's Lexile oral reading measure based on his or her oral reading ability along with a Lexile oral readability range for text typical of that student's grade level.



The Lexile oral reading measure shows the extent to which students can access and read aloud a text independently. It also guides educators in understanding which texts may require additional practice or scaffolding before a student can read them with sufficient rate and accuracy. This measure can be used as part of intervention and/or end of year goal setting as well.


The Lexile oral reading measure uses the same scale as the Lexile reading measure (for silent reading) so the measures can be compared. This comparison may help identify possible causes of reading comprehension challenges.


Note that the Lexile oral reading measure is not currently available for Spanish therefore the MAP Reading Fluency reports for Spanish tests will no longer include an Instructional Reading Level.