Product Update

Updated MAP Reading Fluency data export file

Blog Post created by Product Update on Jun 24, 2020

With the July 2020 software release, the MAP Reading Fluency export file format will be updated to accommodate the new Lexile® oral reading measure in place of the instructional reading data. The column headers related to this data will change in the export file as well as the related values that will show in those columns.


The specific changes to the data export file include:

  • TextLexileMidpoint will be replaced with LexileOralReadingMeasure
  • ProgressMonitoringPassageLexileBand will be replaced with ProgressMonitoringLexileTextMeasureRange
  • InstructionalReadingPerformanceLevel is removed from exports (no replacement)


For partner planning and preparation, the updated sample Export file with these changes reflected can be found here. Note that this updated sample export file will replace the existing version within the export section of the product with the July 2020 release.


As a reminder, you can access the export functions by clicking on the Exports link under the Reports tab.