Product Update

Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) subtest included as a field test measure in Foundational Skills assessments

Blog Post created by Product Update on Jul 20, 2020

A new measure, Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN), is being developed to include in future versions of MAP Reading Fluency. As of the July 2020 release, this field test measure will occur within each Foundational Skills benchmark test (English and Spanish). Students will see this RAN measure if they are assigned the Foundational Skills or Foundational Skills – Beginner test form or if they take the Adaptive Oral Reading test form and adapt to the Foundational Skills track.


The measure will take about 1 minute for directions and practice, and 1 minute for the test itself. A microphone is required to complete this task. Students will proceed automatically to the assigned test content when this activity is complete. While this measure is being field tested and validated, no results will be reported.


Students will see a series of screens like the one below. They will be asked to say the names of the pictures out loud, in left-to-right, top-to-bottom order. There is no requirement to train or prepare the students for this activity. In fact, it should be a “cold read.”