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Reminder: Check your test versions before fall testing

Blog Post created by Product Update on Jul 22, 2020

As fall testing season approaches, we wanted to remind partners that it is highly recommended that every partner double checks their test versions prior to fall testing.


While every effort is made to ensure partners have the updated test versions most appropriate for their needs, now is the time for a quick double check before testing gets started.


Here are a few information highlights to get you started.


How to Check Your Test Versions and Modify Available Tests


Instructional Areas and Test Information

Questions about the instructional areas for your available test versions? Visit the State Information & Instructional Areas site to see test release news by state, as well as instructional areas documents.


Use the State Information link above to explore other versions as well. For example, visit the Spanish Reading Alignment Overview 2020-21 page within the state information links to determine the Spanish Reading option that is right for you.


General Information on Test Version Changes

Test versions are regularly updated according to state standards changes. The articles below address general questions regarding impact to scores, as well as the recommendation to make changes prior to fall testing, if possible.



If you have further questions or would like to switch to different test versions, contact your NWEA account manager to discuss the versions that best suits your district’s needs.