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New MAP Growth Goal Explorer tool

Blog Post created by Product Update on Aug 12, 2020

All students deserve the opportunity to work toward meaningful and realistic academic goals. But goal setting can be challenging, and different students need different goals. How do you determine the right goal for a student? How do you know if a goal is too easy or too hard? Will the goal identified help the student advance to where they need to be academically? 


What is MAP Growth Goal Explorer?

The MAP® Growth™ Goal Explorer simplifies the goal-setting process by helping students, families, and educators identify meaningful student goals that, if attained, would be significant accomplishments for the student. This tool will help you determine how realistic a goal is, with the understanding that the most useful goals are rigorous and challenging.


How should this tool be used?

The MAP Growth Goal Explorer should be used to support conversations between teachers, families, and students to establish goals that strike a balance between what is meaningful and what is realistic.


You can find the new MAP Growth Goal Explorer here on