Welcome to Show of Hands!

Blog Post created by on Oct 25, 2019

Welcome to our first issue of Show of Hands, a new quarterly newsletter from NWEA designed to support you and other teachers who use MAP.


Our goal is simple: support educators who use MAP data. Show of Hands is part of our commitment to bringing you timely, relevant ideas, tips, and strategies―as well as opportunities to connect with other educators.

Here’s what you can expect in each issue:

  • A feature exploring student growth. Each issue, we’ll explore growth from a different perspective. We’ll focus on the classroom and start discussions you can join at any time.

  • Insights from other teachers. You’ll find articles written by teachers like you about strategies they’re using to support their students. For our inaugural issue, check out Stephanie Bishop’s article, “How I set goals in the fall, and how it’s impacted my classroom culture.” When you’re ready, share your own ideas and apply to be a contributor!

  • Timely report advice. There are a lot of MAP Growth reports, and many of them are most useful at specific times of year. Each issue, we’ll explore the timeliest options, whether you’re using assessments for screening, goal-setting, instructional support, or tracking growth. If you’re brand-new to the MAP Suite or you need quick insights about which reports to consider first, you’ll find advice you can put to work. Because this is a community-focused effort, you’ll be able to share your own ideas and questions, too!

  • Product and research highlights. Each issue, we’ll also include updates about the latest developments in the MAP Suite and advice on how you can start using them right away. For example, in this issue you can find out more about the Family Report and how you can use it in family-teacher conferences.

We know your time is precious, and we look forward to bringing you quick, instantly applicable insights with each issue of Show of Hands. If you’ve got an idea or a topic you’d like to share with us, let us know.


Like what you see? You can share Show of Hands with your colleagues by forwarding the email, and encouraging them to subscribe here.