Jaime Vazquez

MAP Growth: Go-to reports for winter testing

Blog Post created by Jaime Vazquez on Feb 24, 2020

Posted on behalf of Danielle Kerns

Winter testing in MAP Growth is an important check-in to ensure that students are on track to meet their end-of-year growth goals in spring. The goal strands in a MAP Growth assessment can help identify areas of strength or concern for a student, and whether they should be supported or challenged with differentiated instruction in a particular area. The information teachers receive from a mid-year MAP Growth test can help guide whole-classroom instruction by measuring the effectiveness of their curriculum and aid in determining if each student’s needs are being met.


Overall growth between fall and winter can also give students confidence by showing them that they are succeeding—and it can also prepare them for end-of-year assessments that are just around the corner.



MAP Growth reports are your go-to resource to dive deep into the data and easily analyze the information that is most important to you. So which reports do we recommend? Let’s start with some of the most important questions to ask.


How can I see how all of my students performed on their winter test and what specific areas we should be focusing on?
The Class Breakdown report by RIT or Goal breaks out your class performance by student, and places them into 10-point RIT bands in specific goal areas. If you view the report by Goal, it will connect you with the learning continuum and provide meaningful learning statements that can be used in the classroom.



How can I support each student individually and customize their learning paths to success?
The Student Profile report reflects individual student progress and helps you set custom growth goals outside of what is typical for average growth. Setting custom goals in this report will not impact projected growth met in other reports. This report is ideal for sharing with students and parents, so they can see how the student has grown over time and how best to reinforce learning at home.



Are my students on track to meet their growth goals? How are they performing compared to their peers?
The Achievement Status and Growth report reflects your entire class and highlights their performance between two terms, while projecting and tracking RIT growth between assessments. If you used this report in fall to see what the expected growth was for spring, make sure to re-order this report after winter testing to see what their new growth goal for spring should be.



How can I effectively teach concepts to every student based on individual performance?
The learning continuum is a key tool for connecting MAP Growth results with the specific content a student is ready to learn. It can be used to help teachers tailor classroom instruction by connecting learning statements with specific goal areas and corresponding RIT ranges. The learning continuum is an excellent resource to see what your students have mastered, what they’re currently ready to develop, and what concepts they should be introduced to next.