Misty Hodge

Maximize MAP with a new instructional connection

Blog Post created by Misty Hodge on Sep 28, 2020


As school districts all over the world begin to resume, Covid-19 has made business anything but usual. While students traditionally head back to an on-campus learning environment, a new normal has pushed educators to rewrite the rules this year. The results caused some schools to reopen fall semester virtually, while others have taken a cautious hybrid approach. Whatever the decision, the foreseeable future is unknown. The resounding questions in the minds of so many are: What now? What next?


In the midst of safety protocols, face masks, and double the amount of hand sanitizer, we have seen educators grab their masks, collect their resources, and set instructional goals to ensure learning continues for all students. When asked what the priorities for school restart would be, educators stated things like helping students feel safe, recovering and learning skills, supporting parents with students learning virtually, and much more. As a fellow educator, I understand the priority to give students and families what they need to feel supported. But what I have learned is that if teachers have the tools and resources they need to help support instruction, they also feel supported. That’s exactly the purpose of our instructional connections.

What are instructional connections?
NWEA collaborates with an extensive array of instructional partners to help schools and districts get more from tools they’re already using. Instructional leaders like National Geographic, Edmentum, Learning A–Z, and many others help connect assessment data to instruction, providing next steps and instructional support for teachers while allowing students to have a personalized learning experience. Instructional connections create ease of use, save teachers time, and support students at all levels of learning.


New instructional connection announcement

We are happy to announce our newest connection, Teacher Advisor, which targets math students in grades 3–8. Teacher Advisor is a free, online instructional planning tool that connects teachers with high-quality, standards-aligned lessons and differentiated grade-level content. Teacher Advisor gives teachers instructional guidance while supporting student personalization, all in just three clicks.


Check out all the instructional connections from NWEA, including Teacher Advisor.


If your school is a partner with any of the connections, or you’re looking to partner with them in the future, let us know!

As we continue to shift to accommodate a new normal, teachers are at the forefront, facilitating learning opportunities that fit the needs of all students.


Thank you for your dedication and continued hard work. From one educator to another, we appreciate you.



Misty Hodge is a former classroom teacher and instructional coach. She is currently a Product Marketing Manager with NWEA.