• ¡Bienvenidos a MAP en español!

    We know that nearly 80% of English learners in the US speak Spanish—and as a teacher, if you have Spanish-speaking students in your classroom, you’ve probably asked yourself, How can I see the difference b...
    Jennifer Anderson
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  • Meet the Family Report

    We know how important conferences with families are—so we set out to make sharing MAP Growth data with them easier. And we couldn’t have done it without your help.   When we sat down with ...
    Crystal Miller
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  • Welcome to Show of Hands!

    Welcome to our first issue of Show of Hands, a new quarterly newsletter from NWEA designed to support you and other teachers who use MAP.   Our goal is simple: support educators who use MAP data. Show of Hands i...
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  • Why winter MAP Growth results were essential to my teachers

    Posted on behalf of Lauren Wells When I was an administrator and a coach, the opportunity to review the data from MAP Growth assessments was always enlightening and provided tremendous insight for instruct...
    Jennifer Anderson
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  • MAP Growth: Go-to reports for winter testing

    Posted on behalf of Danielle Kerns Winter testing in MAP Growth is an important check-in to ensure that students are on track to meet their end-of-year growth goals in spring. The goal strands in a MAP Growth assess...
    Jaime Vazquez
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  • How I set goals in the fall, and how it’s impacted my classroom culture

    In my classroom, my kids know that I love data—and I’ve gotten them to love it, too. They know we’ll use it to set individual goals, track progress, and even to set stretch goals. And as I’ve s...
    Stephanie Bishop
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  • Webinar: RIT 101

    Discover the scale behind MAP Growth: what it means, how it works, and how it provides consistent, reliable measures of student growth.   Watch our latest Best of Fusion Webinar: RIT 101 We sat down with Dr. N...
    Jaime Vazquez
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