• can I see sample checklist questions

    Can I see sample questions for each of the math checklists? The bulleted descriptors are not helpful enough for me to determine which checklist to assign for my particular purposes. 
    Leslie Maley
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  • New Proctor Accounts

    Hello. How do I create accounts for new proctors?
    Esther Myong
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  • Does My Device & Headset Work?

    Where can I test my device and headset?
    Judy Anderson
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  • Where is it?

    I am new in this business... I guess my school adopted this program this summer. A quick question: Where do I find my students's names and/or birthdates?
    Dina Ross
    created by Dina Ross
  • data-to-instruction template for three groups

    Previously I downloaded a pdf for map growth called Data-to-Instruction template for three groups.  I cannot locate it now!    Any suggestions I where I can find it again!
    Kathy Pyle
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  • Can't find out how to access my skills report

    I recently found out how to give skills testing for my first graders. I gave the test 3/12./20. When I go to report queue I try to do look it up in the date range given. I have tried multiple different things in the d...
    Amber Fleming
    created by Amber Fleming
  • How do you see results from tests you have given

    I have two classes that have taken the Map Growth 2-5 English and Math.  They cannot see results.  What should I do?
    Kim Kennedy
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  • Is there a PDF that shows what MAP score correlates to grade level.

    Is there a PDF that shows what MAP score correlates to grade level. I need to determine if my students are working on, above, or below grade level for reporting purposes.   Jane Mason Reading Specialist Allen ...
    Jane Mason
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  • Aside from the practice tests that are available online, are there any other resources available that contain sample test questions at the grade and subject level for MAP Growth?

    My 2nd grade teachers have reviewed the 6 practice test questions for MAP Growth Reading. They would like to teach "test genre" by modeling their formative assessments in similar test question format. Just looking for...
    Deanna Nelson
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  • downloadable version of videos

    Hello! Do you have downloadable versions of the videos to be able to view offline?
    Mark Stock
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  • RIT to percentile

    Where can I find the tables showing RIT scores and percentiles by grade for each testing window, fall, winter, spring?
    Dee Hoge
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  • What does RIT stand for?

    What does RIT stand for?
    Todd Lederman
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  • what RIT is average

    what is the RIT range that is used to determine low average, average, high average and high?
    Angela Wichers
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  • Is there a guideline for teachers using the student goal setting worksheet

    I am searching for a guideline for teachers that are using the student goal setting worksheet.  
    Donna Nielsen
    created by Donna Nielsen
  • where are the test results?

    How do I access test results?
    Linda Oakley
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  • how do I view the entire school's grades

    I am the assistance Assessment Coordinator and I want to view the school's overall results for MAP
    Dawud Rafeeq
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  • CoGat scores

    Do MAP scores relate to CoGat scores?
    Paul Marquardt
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  • Teacher Roster

    Can you tell me where I can go to see the teacher's roster and edit their information?   Thanks
    Angie Freeman
    last modified by Angie Freeman
  • goal setting conference

    Do you have any resources to use with goal setting conferences?
    Amber Metke
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  • What is the time frame for MAP testing?

    I am a first year teacher and would like to know the approximate time frame I should allot for MAP testing. Thank you.
    Ziena Walker
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