Should I Ask A Question or Start a Discussion?

Blog Post created by Employee on May 15, 2017

Thank you for joining our community! If you've logged into the community, we encourage you to ask questions or start discussions on professional learning topics that you would like to learn more about (Examples: best ways to use MAP reports and data to instruction, how to use specific formative strategies, or encouraging growth mindset in students).


Posting questions or discussions to a community is as easy as scrolling to the top right and selecting the Actions menu, but you may have questions about why you would ask a question vs. start a discussion.



Questions allow you to ask a question of experts, peers, or the community manager (a question with a specific answer or information).*  Note you may get a wider set of responses or speedier answer by adding community members or the community manager's name with a live link to the text of the response.Discussions allow you to post a request for group talk or input on a topic from a workshop or a specific professional learning topic. A discussion can have multiple threads or mini discussions between the participants.



*Note: Any technical questions about MAP, Skills Navigator, The Community, and Destination PD can be directed to Support. (For example: I am having difficulty logging in, how do I access a report?)