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If you are at Fusion 2017 and stopped by our Conversation Station or table in the lobby. Thank you for following our community space! It was nice to meet you.


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Again, welcome. We look forward to engaging with you and building the professional learning experience for our entire community.


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Natalie Laderas

Tagging 101

Posted by Natalie Laderas Employee Jun 14, 2017

Tagging helps other users and the community manager find your posts and questions to the community. In the MAP Growth & Formative Assessment communities, you'll want to tag any of your conversations with "chatter" or "backchannel" if you want these to be promoted in the Event Forums area at the top of the space.


Tagging is simple. Just scroll down to the bottom of your post and find the tag field. Add your tags, check their spelling*, and then post your question.


Scroll to the bottom of your post to see the tagging field.

*Note that as you type suggested tags that you can select from will automatically appear.

Summer is here! I've always loved the summer time as an educator because it was time to relax and also learn.

NWEA has some events coming that you might be interested in. Even if you do not get to attend Fusion Indianapolis 2017, there are other opportunities to learn. We will be updating this calendar with additional events and details. Bookmark and check this page later for details (How do I do this?).


Ways you can learn and participate:

  • See the event links below to learn more.
  • Post to the discussion thread in the link to ask questions before and after the events.


June 19June 19June 20June 21-22June 21-22

We've Got Data

Yes We Do

Digging into Formative Assessment

Activate Your Learners!

Building Your Formative Assessment PracticeBuilding a Coherent Assessment System
Speaker/ FacilitatorJoyce Dammer Brooke Mabry and Kathy DyerMichael Koranda & Kathy DyerKimm RombardoKimm Rombardo
LocationEvanston,  ILIndianapolis, IN (Fusion)Seaside, ORSeaside, OR
TopicAssessment literacy, Skills NavigatorFormative assessmentFormative assessment, MAPFormative assessmentAssessment literacy and practices and uses of data.