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The NWEA Professional Learning Online community has a powerful new search feature. Let’s talk about how to use it to navigate the community and find resources and discussions that can help your own professional development.

Select the images if you need to view a larger version of them.


1.   Let’s start by searching a subspace on the community.  

Note, all Professional Learning Online communities have a search.

Top left corner of Professional Learning Online homepage with subspace navigation and click on Formative Assessment.

2.   In the search type in what you’re looking for.

Focus on the search field with the word "Growth" typed in the field.

3.   Notice, a list of what’s available will appear beneath the search.  

You see the name of the resources and what it’s about.

You can also see which community space the resource sits in.

*Note, you will only see resources in communities you have access to.

Search results for "Growth" appear.

4.   If you scroll down to the end of the list, you can “Load more >” resources or see both People and Places (communities) associated with your search topic.

Screenshot of People and  Places results of a search

5.   You can also filter for types of resources (discussions, documents, Polls etc.).

Select filter then choose your options.

Fatima Ali Farhat Shireen Molly Amelse Virginia Williams  - Thank you for being our top engaged members in the month of June. Your responses and feedback are helping build our Professional Learning Online community.


Remember you can earn points and make the community conversation richer by participating in the latest discussions in this community.


This July we will continue to post additional content and discussions to the community as well as introduce an online community participation contest. Stay tuned!  Thanks again!




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