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Meet Me in St. Louis

Blog Post created by Vicki Rodriguez on Nov 27, 2019

Will you be at the 2019 Learning Forward Annual Conference in St. Louis? Our NWEA® experts in Professional Learning will be there. Don’t miss our sessions:


Is Your Professional Learning Effective? Learning Walks Can Answer That!

Tuesday, December 10, 9:45–11:45 a.m.


  • Candi Fowler, principal, Hollis School District, New Hampshire
  • Kathy Dyer, manager of innovation and learning, Professional Learning, NWEA
  • Samantha Boudreau, computer integration specialist, Hollis School District
  • Elizabeth Keegan, fourth-grade teacher, Hollis School District

What you’ll learn

Translating new professional learning into action means teachers take risks to help students learn. This session will provide insight into a culture transformation at an elementary school. Investigate the learning walk process, which showcases how carefully crafted questions can highlight the implementation effectiveness of the new professional learning teachers employ. Explore the process (how to gather information from what students can be seen and heard doing with a five-to-seven-minute walk-through), the protocol, and the procedure for formative collaborative feedback.

If you’ve had professional learning involving any of the MAP® products, formative assessment, or other topics and want to see the impact that professional learning has on students, you‘ll want to attend this session. Using a formative classroom walk-through process (based on the work of focused on what students are saying and doing, staffers from an upper elementary school discuss shifts in the culture of their school.


Mindfulness and Literacy: Crafting Literacy Units of Study for All Students

Wednesday, December 11, 1:00–3:00 p.m.


  • Maxine Welcome-Joyner, instructional fellow, Relay Graduate School of Education
  • Amy Schmidt, content design manager, Professional Learning Design, NWEA

What you’ll learn

Teaching mindfulness to students can result in improved attention, stress reduction, increased compassion, and the promotion of emotional regulation. These factors an ideal learning environment that allows students to work through rigorous tasks with holistic supports in place. Teachers can make purposeful text choices for literacy instruction that incorporate mindfulness practices and meet students’ literacy needs. Using texts to facilitate the literacy content within a mindfulness context can address academic rigor and social-emotional needs. These two approaches are traditionally decoupled, which inhibits the transfer of knowledge across contexts we know are crucial to student success. Discover how to fuse literacy and mindful practices for students through text choice within an instructional literacy unit.

If you’ve had professional learning about literacy instruction, mindfulness, or social and emotional learning and want to understand how to weave relevant literary curricular choices together with the importance of student mindfulness, you’ll want to attend this session. Using the literacy recommendations outlined by the National Reading Panel (2000) and strong evidence to support a 90-minute literacy block (Education Northwest, January 2018), this session brings the research together to support teachers in meeting students’ literacy and mindfulness needs.


Hope to see you there!


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