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The NWEA Professional Learning Online community has a powerful new search feature. Let’s talk about how to use it to navigate the community and find resources and discussions that can help your own professional development.

Select the images if you need to view a larger version of them.


1.   Let’s start by searching a subspace on the community.  

Note, all Professional Learning Online communities have a search.

Top left corner of Professional Learning Online homepage with subspace navigation and click on Formative Assessment.

2.   In the search type in what you’re looking for.

Focus on the search field with the word "Growth" typed in the field.

3.   Notice, a list of what’s available will appear beneath the search.  

You see the name of the resources and what it’s about.

You can also see which community space the resource sits in.

*Note, you will only see resources in communities you have access to.

Search results for "Growth" appear.

4.   If you scroll down to the end of the list, you can “Load more >” resources or see both People and Places (communities) associated with your search topic.

Screenshot of People and  Places results of a search

5.   You can also filter for types of resources (discussions, documents, Polls etc.).

Select filter then choose your options.
Natalie Laderas

Tagging 101

Posted by Natalie Laderas Employee Jun 14, 2017

Tagging helps other users and the community manager find your posts and questions to the community. In the MAP Growth & Formative Assessment communities, you'll want to tag any of your conversations with "chatter" or "backchannel" if you want these to be promoted in the Event Forums area at the top of the space.


Tagging is simple. Just scroll down to the bottom of your post and find the tag field. Add your tags, check their spelling*, and then post your question.


Scroll to the bottom of your post to see the tagging field.

*Note that as you type suggested tags that you can select from will automatically appear.

Did you know you can explore and interact with the site content and get points? You can also earn points by asking questions and posting discussions.


Participating by replying, liking, bookmarking marking discussions, posts, questions, etc. as helpful can help you earn points. You also are giving us direct feedback by letting us know which discussions or content shared in the community is of interest or helpful to you.


As you earn more points, you earn badges.



To view your badges, select Rewards.

In your profile select "Rewards"

View your mission badges on this page. Completed quests can also be viewed here.

Example of mission badges earned.

You can also see your rewards and badges in your inbox (accessible from the top right by selecting the bell.


How to access mission badge information from your inbox


Note: Professional Learning Community Managers will be periodically checking to see those individuals who are leading with certain missions who regularly have their posts marked as helpful and liked by their peers and gifting these participants with additional points.


Additional resources on community participation, points and badges:

Participate in Content and Discussions 

Get On Board: Learn and Connect 

Need to find resources or discussions you like or want to follow? Simply follow these three steps to bookmark and return to them as you need to.



Bookmark the content (discussion, blog post, question, document, etc.).

From the actions menu in the top right, select Bookmark.



Visit your profile.

From the actions menu, select View Profile. Select Bookmarks from your Profile



Find the content  you're interested in.

You can filter or sort by content type or date in the bookmark view.

WELCOME to our community. We're glad to have you here.


One of the best ways to become acquainted with the NWEA Connection community and all its sub spaces is to complete the Onboarding Quest. Quest are lists of activities that help you accomplish a family of tasks.  In this case, onboarding allows you to practice completing the most commonly used tasks in the community.


To view your current mission badges and find the Onboarding quest, follow these steps:


  1. Go to your Profile (not sure how to do this? Refer to these instructions)
  2. In your Profile, select the Rewards option. From the profile select the Rewards tab
  3. You can now view all your rewards including the badges you have earned.
  4. Select Unearned Mission Badges to view badges that you can earn. Select to view unearned badges.
  5. To find the quests, scroll down to view Available Quests. Scroll down and select Available Quests
  6. Select the quest Onboarding.